Seven points for pig breeding

In the past, you only need to know how to raise pigs, but now pigs are different. You have to learn equipment, vaccines, medicines, etc., and you have to build pens. Many pig farmers sigh, now raise a pig is not easy.  

how much does a ton of pig feed cost

1. Know the temperature of raising pigs:  

Too low or high temperature will affect the consumption and weight gain of pig feed. The suitable temperature range for pig feeding depends on many factors such as the breed, age, physiological stage, and feeding conditions of the pig. The most suitable temperature for fattening pigs can be calculated according to the formula: T=0.06W+26 (T represents temperature, W represents the weight of the pig in kilograms). For example, for a pig weighing 100 kg, the optimum temperature for the maximum weight gain rate is 20°C.  

2. Know the air humidity:  

High humidity reduces the disease resistance of pigs, which is conducive to the reproduction and growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Pigs are susceptible to mange, eczema and respiratory diseases. When the relative humidity increases from 45% to 95%, the daily weight gain of pigs decreases by 6%-8%. When the temperature is 11℃-23℃ and the relative humidity is 50%-80%, the fattening effect for pigs is the best.

3. Know the air velocity:  

In hot weather, the airflow is conducive to evaporation and heat dissipation. The pig house should be ventilated. In cold weather, the airflow enhances the heat dissipation of the pigs and exacerbates the degree of coldness. When the temperature is 4℃-19℃, pigs that are not affected by airflow will consume 25% less feed and gain 6% faster than pigs that are often affected by airflow. In winter, the airflow speed of the pig farm should be 0.1-0.2 meters per second, and the maximum should not exceed 0.25 meters. 

4. Knowing the brightness: 

The intensity of light has a significant effect on the metabolism of pigs. Appropriately weakening the light intensity of fat pigs can increase feed utilization rate by 3% and weight gain by 4%.  

5. Know the density of captivity:  

Improving the stocking density can make full use of the effective space and reduce the cost of pig raising. And reducing the density to ensure the space required for pig growth and development can reduce the amount of feed intake, and can reduce the occurrence of problems such as urination and tail biting caused by small space. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably control the stocking density. 

6. Know the slope of the ground: 

Pigs eat, sleep, and are positioned in a triangle to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of the pen without stagnant water. The floor of the pen house has a certain slope from the place where you eat and sleep to the place where you pee. 

7. Know the width of house: 

The length and width ratio of the pigsty should be reasonable. If the length of the pig pen is long and the width is small, it is not conducive to the active growth of pigs. The closer the shape of the pig house is to a square, the more it meets the behavioral needs of pigs.

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