Choosing Best Wood Pellet Making Machine For Biomass Pellet Plant

With the development of society and human being, conventional fossil fuel can no longer meet the increasing demand of human being. At this time, kinds of new fuel are researched and developed among which the wood pellet becomes the ideal used in daily life, thus the high quality biomass wood pellet making machine become popular around the world as well.

Wood pellet making machine is one type of pellet making equipment for sale. With the wood pellet milling machine, the biomass raw materials is pressed into pellets with high density, strength and combustion performance through the professional mechanical treatment. Due to the working principle difference, it is divided into two kinds of types, respectively are flat die type and ring die type.

China hot sell good quality wood pellet machine for sale

1.Wide Application in Daily Life

Biomass wood pellet is the second generation of bio-fuel that“does not compete with food for land” and “does not compete with people food”. After the wood waste is processed into pellet, it can be widely used for home heating and cooking, garbage power plant, industrial boiler, power generation plant etc.

In addition, the wood pellet has other applications like cat litter, animal bedding and fertilizers. As cat litter and animal bedding, due to the high density of wood pellet, the wood pellet has high water absorption, easy to absorb the urine without terrible smell left. Especially used as animal bedding, many animal famers use dry sawdust or stalk as animal bedding, which is with dust, harmful to respiratory problem. While wood can solve the problem easily.

2.RICHI China professional wood pellet line equipment for biomass waste

(1)With the installation and commissioning R&D team which possesses efficient technique and rich experiences, we make each ce good stability wood pellet mill equipment delivered to customers are manufactured with the best quality. Also, we help our customers to train the eligible operators.

(2)We have formal pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale service system. For every customer, we create record with information and technical service representatives, to solving the any problems occurred during the biomass wood pellet line production.

In a word, we aim to be the investment adviser of customers to design the new technology wood pellet production lines according to the raw materials and market condition. If you have any idea of engage in biomass pellet industry, or you have biomass residues to deal with, welcome to contact us for more information.

machine for wood pellet line 10-20 ton per hour

3.What are the advantages of RICHI hot selling wood pellet mill?

(1)The gear box is made ​​of high quality gray cast iron materials to have low noise and good shock absorption.The wood pellet mill press machine adopts gear drive to have higher efficiency compared with belt drive and worm drive, and can avoid belt slippage and short lifespan of belt drive.

(2)The new technology wood pellet mill machine abandoned traditional wood pellet machine structure design. Instead, the machine shell is added reinforcing rib and increases casting thickness, which greatly enhanced the strength of the machine and prevent breakage of wood pellets mill shell.

(3)Both the die and rollers are made ​​of high quality alloy steel with 55-60HRC hardness.

(4)The China professional factory offered high quality wood biomass pellet making machine adopts the most suitable wood processing die hole structure and the best die hole compression ratio according to our core technology that is obtained through a large number of experiments.

(5)The safe electric control system is fully compliant with CE standard operating system. The Emergency Stop button can quickly shut down the machine in case of emergency.

(6)Because of our strict and standardized production and technology management, we can make sure all of our machines and each spare part is consistent and interchangeable. So customers can choose the spare parts at ease.

4.How to maintain the biomass wood fuel pellet machine?

(1)Regularly check the tightness of the belt. If slack, tighten it in time.

(2)The compress wood pellet mill should be put in a ventilative place to ensure that the heat from the motor can be emitted to extend the life of machine.

(3)Before restarting, first clear the remaining debris in the biomass pellet mill machine room in order to reduce starting resistance.

(4)Regularly fill oil to the bearings to ensure inter-lubricating.

(5)In order to assure the sharpness of cutter, check the cutter regularly to prevent unnecessary damage to other parts.

(6)Regularly inspect cutter screws and strengthen the fixity between the blade and the knife.

(7)The ring type-horizontal of wood pellet machine should be kept well grounded. regular maintenance can increase the life of the machinery

Thailand pellet line wood pellet production line on sale

5.Choosing Richi Machienry factory supply competitive prife biomass wood pellet mill for complete wood pellet line

With the popularization of hot selling ce wood pellet mills, many kinds of ring die wood pellet mill supplier are active around the market. Thus, choosing the best manufacturer is the first problem for the users. Richi Machinery, as the pioneer manufacturer of high quality wood pellet mill machine, possessing various highlights.

Rich experience of building projects. We have built more than 30 wood pellet making line around the world, not only providing with high quality equipment, but also customizing the good quality biomass wood pellet plant based on the actual condition and the requirements of customers.

6.View a few key cases of on selling good complete biomass wood pellet line

Mexico 10T/H Wood Sawdust Bioenegy Pellet Processing Plant

Canada 2T/H Turnkey Biomass Wood Pellet Plant

Austria automatic wood pellet line 5 tph with CE

1-1.5tph high quality ce wood pellet mill line in Iceland

Netherlands 2T/H best solution biomass wodo pellet line for wood sawdust

United States 10T/H Customized Turnkey Wood Pellet Production Making Plant(Ongoing)

Thailand 10T/H Customized large capacity heavy duty wood pellet line(Ongoing)

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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