I want to start my cattle feed pellet making plant in south africa. i strongly begg your company to send me detailled proforma containg techincal specification , plant installation lay out and year of manufacturing to be in 2021.

What is your required capacity per hour?Do you only need the single cattle feed pellet mill or one turn-key cattle feed pellet manufacutring plant which includes all kinds of cattle feed processing machiney?Do you need auto batching system or mixing different ingrident by manually?Do you need us to supply automatic scales and boiler or you'd like to buy from your local market by yourself?Since above information will make the price quite different, I am looking forward to hearing form you.

Sir,We don't have a standard range, because we reckon that the raw materials, conditions, formulations and pellet requirements in an industrial process are always different. Based on your unique situation and industrial process, we will tailor the cattle feed pellet making plant you need.In addition,during the engineering phase we will inform you of every additional detail our engineers find that could facilitate operation, minimize total cost of ownership or increase the flexibility for future situations.

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Hi, I need price of 70B fish feed extruder which can produce fish feed,crab, catfish, shrimps feed, also can produce the animal feed like chicken, cattle, rabbit, pig feed etc. by changing the mould and formula.