Several principles of feeding silage to cattle and sheep

1. Implement layered reclaiming: When taking silage, start from one end of the cellar, and take it down from the surface layer by layer according to a certain thickness, so that the green fodder always maintains a flat surface. Do not dig a hole from one place.

2. Seal the pit mouth in time: After the silage is taken out, the pit mouth should be sealed in time to prevent the silage from deteriorating when exposed to the air for a long time, causing poisoning or other diseases.

3. Feeding amount from small to large: silage has a sour taste. At the beginning of feeding, some livestock are not accustomed to eating. In order to make the livestock have an adaptation process, the feeding amount should be gradually increased from small to large, and 80% full is better.

4. Pay attention to reasonable collocation: Although silage is a high-quality roughage, it must be properly collocated with concentrate and other feeds according to the nutritional needs of livestock.

5. Treated per-acid feed: Some silages are too acidic, so the feeding amount should be reduced or treated. It can be fed with 5%-10% lime water after neutralization.

6. Do not use spoiled feed: If you find that the silage is dark brown or dark green in appearance, sour, pungent, rancid, and sticky, it means that the feed has deteriorated, and you should never use it to feed livestock.

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