Ten ways to save feed in the process of raising pigs

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1. Choose good piglets. It is advisable to choose pigs that eat a lot, grow fast, and have a thick and short tail, which can save more than 20% of feed. 

2. Raising hybrid pigs. Feeding hybrid pigs can increase daily weight gain by 30%, save feed by 40%, and reduce disease incidence by 60% to 80%.  

3. Timely castration. Feeding male and female pigs after timely castration can shorten the feeding and fattening period by about 20 days and save 15% of feed.   

4. Implement captive breeding. Change free-range breeding to captive breeding, which can save 8% to 10% of feed.

5. Feed the compound feed. The refined, coarse and green feed are fed in proportions in stages-before 50 to 60 kg, high-energy, high-protein concentrates are used as the main feed, with the necessary feed additives, ~60 kg to the slaughter. Appropriately reduce the energy and protein levels in the concentrate, reduce the amount of concentrate input, and increase the green roughage. In this way, every kilogram of weight gain can save 3 kilograms of concentrate.  

6. Raw and thick feeding. Change the cooked feeding to raw feeding, and change the thin feeding to thick feeding. Every 1 kg of weight gain can save 0.6 kg of concentrated feed.

7. Warm temperature in winter and shade in summer. When it is cold in winter, use hay mats to increase the temperature to reduce energy consumption of pigs; in summer, shade in front of the pig house is recommended to prevent heatstroke and cool down. Every 1 kg of weight can save 0.6 kg of concentrate.  

8. Timely epidemic prevention. "Three injections" one-time injection to prevent swine fever, swine erysipelas and swine pneumonia, the pigs are less sick and can save 20% of feed.  

9. Deworming and gastric lavage. Deworming, gastric lavage and stomach invigoration are carried out in a timely manner. Pigs have a strong appetite and grow fast. Daily weight gain can be increased by 20% to 30%, and feed can be saved by more than 10%.  

10. Put out slaughter in time. 90 kg of pigs will be put out of slaughter.

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