Can aquatic leftover screw shells be processed into feed with corn?

Screw shells are leftovers of rural aquatic products. The shell left after people eat screws, mussel shells, etc., is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and organic bone calcium compounds. The screw shell is mechanically pulverized into powder, and after puffing and high temperature treatment during feed processing, most of the calcium is degraded into soluble or slightly soluble in water under the action of the digestive juice in the animal body, which can be used by the animal The digestive system absorbs and utilizes to supplement the animal's nutritional needs for calcium elements. It is an ideal calcium supplement for various breeding animals. It is economical and affordable, convenient to obtain materials, and simple to process. It is practical for rural farmers to use as a feed to supplement calcium elements. An important source of calcium, especially for crustaceans such as crayfish, crabs, turtles and turtles in aquaculture.

the composition and production of fish feeds

Corn is a high-quality energy feed in the aquaculture industry. When corn is processed into corn meal, screw shells can be prepared according to a certain ratio, and then crushed into fine powder by mechanical equipment. If feed extruder is used, After the corn and screw husk powder are extruded at high temperature, the granular and soluble feed is changed and matured, which is convenient for the animal digestive system to quickly digest and absorb under the action of the digestive gland fluid. These feeds rich in calcium are suitable for pigs to grow bones and increase weight; suitable for poultry feeds, which can provide rich calcium, enhance egg production, and increase egg production; suitable for crayfish, crabs and other crustacean aquatic animals The source of important calcium elements is very helpful to increase the yield of aquatic products.

In short, screw shells are leftovers from the processing of rural aquatic products. They are a very rare source of calcium nutrient feed for the aquaculture industry. It is an important way to fully utilize wastes from the aquatic processing industry and deal with environmental hygiene. Positive meaning.

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