What are the methods for drying pastures on a cattle farm?

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1. The ground drying method is called field drying. After mowing, the forage is dried in situ or on a higher terrain. After about 4 to 6 hours, it is dried to a moisture content of approximately 40% to 50%, and it is formed by a rake. The grass strips continue to dry. According to the weather conditions and the moisture content of the grass, the grass strips can be turned over to reduce the moisture content of the grass to 35%-40%. At this time, the leaves of the grass have not fallen off. The haystack, keep the haystack loose and ventilated, and reach complete dryness after 1.5 to 2 days.

2. Hay rack drying method The hay is prepared on a specially made hay rack. Hay racks mainly include single wooden racks, tripods, wire long racks and pergolas. Place the mowed grass on a hay rack from top to bottom, the thickness does not exceed 70 cm, keep it fluffy, and have a certain slope to facilitate lighting and drainage. Although straw drying costs a certain amount of material resources, the quality of the hay produced is better, and the nutrient loss is reduced by 5% to 10% compared with ground drying.

3. Fermentation-drying method can be used in humid and rainy areas where the light time is short and the light intensity is low, and the hay cannot be prepared by ordinary methods. Lay the mowed forages flat and dry them for a short time. When the moisture drops to 50%, they are layered into 3 to 5 meters high haystacks and compacted one by one. The surface layer is covered with soil or mulching film to make the forage quickly heat up. The temperature in the haystack rises to 60℃~70℃ in 2~3 days. All the pasture grass is dead. When the haystack is opened, as the heat of fermentation is lost, it is air-dried or sun-dried to make brown hay with a slightly fermented aromatic sour taste. Like food,animals like to eat.  

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