Main points of making semi-dry silage for cattle

The principle and method of semi-dry silage are basically the same as the general silage method, because it also requires anaerobic storage, except that the moisture content of raw materials in general silage is 70%-80%, while the moisture content of raw materials can be reduced to 40%- 60%. According to this feature, in order to obtain better silage quality, the following points should be paid attention to in the process of semi-dry silage.

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1. The silage raw materials should be cut in time

The green fodder after cutting should make the moisture drop to 40%-60% quickly. The rate of water reduction is closely related to the loss of nutrients in the raw materials and the reproduction of aerobic bacteria. The slow water reduction is not conducive to the control of silage quality. For example, the nutrient loss of the raw material whose moisture content drops to 55% within 9 hours is only 2%, and if the moisture content is reached within 24-26 hours, the nutrient loss can reach 7%. In the rainy season, it takes 72 hours for the water content to drop to 55%, and the nutrient loss is as high as 16%. Therefore, the cutting time of green fodder should be selected in the season when the water content of the raw material itself is relatively low and the weather is clear.

2. The silage raw materials should be short  

Since the water content of semi-dry silage raw materials is low, it is not easy to compact when filling, so the guillotine degree of raw materials is shorter than the requirement of general silage raw materials. According to the effect of semi-dry silage, the silage raw materials are cut into a length of 1.5 to 3.5 cm to ensure the quality of the silage.     

3. The method and speed of filling materials should be appropriate

The filling method and production speed of semi-dry silage raw materials are also an important factor affecting the quality of silage. Take silage filling as an example. If the volume of the silage is large, the supply of raw materials is scattered, and the silage production time is long, the raw material filling should start from the two corners at one end of the trench and proceed in stages, fill one section and then load the next section; After a period of time, cover the filled part with a strong plastic sheet and an appropriate amount of weight in time. In this way, the effect of segmented filling is better than that of layered filling (only 0.5-0. 6 meters thick per day), and it is better to pack within 5 days. If the volume of the silage is small and the quantity of raw materials is sufficient, and the raw materials can be filled, compacted, and sealed within 2-3 days, then batch filling is more convenient. The compaction requirement of semi-dry silage in the filling process is higher than that of general silage, especially the more compact the corners, the better.  

4. The seal must be tight 

After the raw materials are filled and compacted, they must be sealed in time. The sealing method is the same as the general silage method. Semi-dry silage is generally sealed for more than 45 days before being opened for use.  

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