Use of 4 kinds of heating equipment in pig farm

Everyone knows that sows are afraid of heat, piglets are afraid of cold, and pigs are not easy to raise in winter. The main reason is that the temperature is too low. Today I will share with you common heat preservation measures.    

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1. Incubator, for the pig’s living environment, you can put a heat lamp inside, and then the temperature of the small environment is relatively high; but the temperature difference with the outside delivery room should not be too large, which will easily cause the pig’s diarrhea;     

2. The hot-blast stove is better than ordinary coal-burning stoves. Generally, there are 300 fat pigs, and it is enough to burn 100-150 kilograms of coal every day;    

3. Floor heating. Now many pig farmers use floor heating. The front part of the pigpen is floor heating, and the back part is a dung board. The effect is indeed ok;     

4. Then there is external insulation. Generally, iron wire is used as a shelf, and then plastic film is used to buckle the shed, so that the insulation effect will be good. Some pigs are raised in large sheds directly, but you must pay attention to wind and air;     

Generally, at noon, it is necessary to prevent the wind, and then when people go to feed the pigs, remember to observe the air quality; when the air quality is poor, you need to ventilate, and then work harder to warm up.

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