Simple method for removing aflatoxin in animal feed

Seriously contaminated feed with aflatoxin should be discarded. For lightly polluted feed, it can still be used if it can meet the feed standard after proper treatment. Here are a few simple removal methods:

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1. Water washing method: This method is suitable for the detoxification of seed feed. The method is: first grind the moldy feed into powder, pour it into the tank, add 3 to 4 times of water, and then stir Leave to soak, change the water and stir twice a day, until the soaking water changes from brown to colorless.  

2. Picking method: The method is to pick out the moldy part of the feed. It can be applied to the detoxification treatment of straw and pellet feed.  

3. Drying and detoxification method: This method is mainly used for the detoxification of straw feed. The method is: first put the moldy feed in the sun to dry, and then ventilate and fluff it to remove the mold spores and make it harmless to achieve the goal of non-toxic.

4. Degerming and detoxification method: This method is mainly used for detoxification of corn, because the toxin of moldy corn is mainly concentrated in the embryo of corn. The method is: first grind the corn into small particles of 1.5 to 4.5 mm, then add 5 to 6 times of water, and then stir. The embryo fragments float on the water surface because of lightness, remove them or dump them with the water. Repeat this several times to achieve the purpose of de-embryo detoxification.  

5. Lime water immersion method: This method is suitable for detoxification of corn, sorghum and other seed feeds. The method is: first crush large moldy feed such as corn into small pellets with a diameter of 1.5-5 mm, then mix the lime powder that has passed through a 120-mesh sieve into the moldy feed at a ratio of 0.8% to 1%, and finally mix with lime Pour the powder and water into the container at a ratio of 1:2 and stir for 1 minute, then stand still for 5-8 hours, pour out the water, and rinse with water for 2 to 3 times. Generally, the detoxification rate can reach more than 90%.  

6. Heat treatment method: Under high humidity conditions, high heat or high heat and pressure can destroy toxins. For example, treating contaminated corn at 260°C can reduce aflatoxin content by 85%.

7. Alkali boiling treatment method: This method is suitable for detoxification treatment of seed feed. The method is: add 3 times the amount of water per 100 grams of moldy feed, and then add 500 grams of soda powder or 1000 grams of lime to cook together. When the feed is cooked until it cracks, let it cool, and then rinse with water until there is no alkali smell. It can be used when.

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