Seven issues that pig farmers should pay attention to when the temperature suddenly drops in autumn

Every time when the season changes, diseases may burst out. The sudden drop in temperature is just a stress. Many times it is also necessary to prevent problems before they occur, instead of waiting until there are problems before thinking about treatment. The most problematic pig farms The main reason is that pigs have relatively low immunity and are susceptible to various diseases.     

Today,I will tell you some issues that you should pay attention to when raising pigs in the fall. I hope you will pay attention.  

livestock feed plant factory management

1. Cold and warm: In fact, many diseases occur when the weather is cold. On the one hand, a sealed environment is adopted to keep warm. The disease is easy to spread. On the other hand, if the weather is cold, cough and asthma will occur frequently, which is a typical mass disease. Once the disease occurs, it is a problem for the entire pig farm. Therefore, protective measures must be taken to prevent air leakage and humidity. The temperature in the house can also be improved. Pay attention to the combination of heat preservation and ventilation. The pigs are afraid of cold and the big pigs are afraid of heat. , Farmers need to pay attention.

2. Add energy feed: strictly prevent mildew feed. In cold weather, pigs need more energy. The formula needs to be adjusted, nutrients are added, feed intake is increased, and the ratio of corn added is more suitable for the growth needs of pigs. There is more rain in autumn and the feed is very easy to mold. Fresh corn is left for a while, and mycotoxins have occurred. The mold release agent is mainly used for invisible mycotoxins. When the mold is visible to the naked eye, the problem of feeding the pigs must be serious. Nitrite, pig poisoning and even suffocation death.

3. Pay attention to the air quality: In autumn, the temperature is still the main focus, but we still need to pay attention to ventilation. There is more ventilation on sunny days, and less ventilation on cloudy and rainy days. The best time for ventilation is from 10 am to 3 pm. It is best to open a vent on the roof, open it when ventilation is needed, and close it when not needed.

4. Pay attention to the epidemic situation and strengthen sanitation and disinfection: According to the epidemic characteristics of infectious diseases, large-scale infectious diseases are prone to occur in autumn, focusing on the prevention of blue ear disease, swine fever, pseudorabies, influenza, and infectious pneumonia. If you are sick, clean the pig house once a day and disinfect once every three days to ensure the hygiene of the pig farm and the incidence rate will be reduced accordingly.    

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