How to quickly sort out and reconstruct the chaotic pig farm data?

More and more pig farmers realize that data is a very important production tool. But in the face of the ambiguous ear tags, chaotic and disorderly file cards and EXCEL tables that have been tested by a few people, I don't know how to sort and use these data. Even if I find a suitable software, Cannot be used effectively. At this time, we need to rearrange the historical data, which we call "data reconstruction".  

1. Preparation tools 

Ear tags, ear studs, surgical scissors, big pen, ear tag pen, file tag, ear tag pliers, ear tag initialization form, ballpoint pen 

2. Principles of writing ear tags

Generally speaking, in order to make it easier for the staff to know which year each sow was introduced, we recommend starting with the mating year, taking the end of the year and adding the number we arranged in order to go down. You can use the year, month and related information for sorting.

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3. Steps

Taking a large-scale pig farm with 2,000 sows as an example, four people are required to complete the task of comprehensively organizing the data of the herd: one is responsible for cutting ear tags, one is responsible for writing file cards, one is responsible for writing ear tags, and one is responsible Ear tag. 

(1) First of all, a sufficient number of ear tags and file cards should be prepared to facilitate subsequent work.

(2) Cut the old ear tags: We must cut out the entire old ear tags (if only those numbers are cut, leaving the ear tags there will cause inflammation, or if there are several ear tags in one ear, it is not good). The original old ear tag has the information we want to extract, so we should cut the old ear tag and place it under the corresponding sow.

(3) Write file card: We write according to the ear tag rules, hang it on the corresponding sow, and write the corresponding breeding boar, breeding date, parity, and litter number (all take the last recording). 

(4) Write a new ear tag: write it according to the ear tag on the file tag that is hung up, and put it on the corresponding ground (the ear tag written here must be the same as the ear tag on the file tag, and the writing should be neat and clearly visible ).

Currently, there are two types of ear tags on the market, no words and there are words. We generally recommend that pig farms use wordless ones. According to the pig numbering habits of your own farm, use waterproof ear tag pens and handwrite the ear numbers. , Which will help your employees to identify more information through the number. 

(5) Put on a new ear tag: disinfect the ear studs with alcohol and then, before hitting, compare the ear number on your hand with the ear number on the file card and the position of the corresponding pig. Stroke the sow before hitting, slowly from the back of the sow to the edge of the ears, and be quick, accurate, and ruthless when hitting. Note that the ear studs must be sterilized with alcohol (to prevent ear inflammation), to be able to return to the original hole as far as possible to prevent secondary wound infection, try not to hit blood vessels. Pay attention to personal safety. Beware of bites, bruises, etc. by the sow. The wounds should be disinfected with alcohol and iodophor in time, and immune antibodies should be injected if necessary. (Because of the small size of the back-up pigs, they cannot be marked with ear tags when they retreat in the positioning pen. Therefore, when marking the back-up pigs with ear tags, two people are required to cooperate one after another. One is to mark the head of the pig and the other A person pushes the sow forward behind the pig to prevent backing).

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