Moisture control in crushing and mixing stage of animal feed factory processing

Animal feed hammer mill grinder

1.Moisture control in the crushing section

The animal feed crushing process is a key link in the processing of feed products, and the loss of water during the crushing process cannot be ignored. Through the comparative detection and analysis of the water content of the material before and after the crushing with different apertures of the feed crusher screen, it is found that with the reduction of the crushing particle size of the material, the water loss increases significantly. Similarly, for materials with different gradient moisture content, a comparative test analysis of the moisture content of the material before and after crushing found that as the moisture content of the material increases, the moisture loss of the powder after crushing increases, the maximum moisture loss is close to 1%, and the crushing efficiency is significantly reduced. Energy consumption has increased significantly. 

After the shrimp feed raw material is superfinely pulverized, 98% of the particle size can pass 80 mesh. At present, the most commonly used fish feed is a water drop-type hammer mill, with a screen size of 1.0-1.5mm. For shredders equipped with negative pressure suction and a damper adjustment device, the air volume can be adjusted. A comparative test of the material moisture loss before and after crushing found that the air volume has a significant impact on the production efficiency, while the moisture loss has no significant impact, but as the air volume increases, the moisture loss still increases. After the corn is crushed, the moisture loss of mechanical transportation is 0.22%, and the loss of pneumatic transportation is 0.95%. Shrimp feed is mostly pulverized without nets and is transported by air suction. Fish feed is mostly crushed and transported by screw conveyor.

RICHI feed crushing machine series

1.animal cattle poultry cow fish feed crushing hammer mill(10-13t/h)

2.CE Feed Hammer Mill Crusher(8-10t/h)

3.Ce approval corn grinding hammer mill machine(6-9t/h)

4.corn wheat feed hammer mill Crusher(4-6t/h)

fodder mixing machine

2.Moisture control in the mixing section

When the moisture content of the mixed powder is far below 12.5%, consider spraying atomized water during mixing. However, there are many problems in this area at present: no more than 2%; poor water retention performance, adding 2% water only has a water retention rate of 40-50%; it is best to use hot water to prevent mold; consider mixing time and water addition time (All sprayed together) are consistent; in order to ensure uniformity, adjust the position of the nozzle and the size of the spray nozzle; need to add an anti-mold agent; pay attention to cleaning the inner wall of the mixer. Many factors limit the addition of water to the animal feed mixer, and the added free water will increase the potential for moldy opportunities in the finished material.

Richi Machinery powder feed mixing machine for animal feed:

1.SLHY Horizontal single shaft double ribbon mixer(250KG/BATCH)

2.SLHJ single-shaft 500kg/batch animal feed mixer(500KG/BATCH)

3.SLHSJ Animal Feed Double Shaft Mixer(500KG/BATCH)

4.SLHJ Stainless Steel Feed Mixer(1000KG/BATCH)

5.SLHY Farms Used Animal Feed Mixing Machine(1500KG/BATCH)

6.SLHY Big capacity feed mixer(2000KG/BATCH)

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