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Well Mixed
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SLHY Feed Mixing Machine

SLHY Feed Mixing Machine

During the convection process of the feed mixing machine, the two materials are mixed with each other through penetration and displacement, and then mixed during the tumbling process on both sides. This is repeated many times, and finally mixed by the unloading device. And then the material is discharged from the discharge door.



Main Power:

This feed mixing machine is suitable for mixing materials in various industries, such as powder, granular, flake, miscellaneous and viscous materials in feed, food, chemical, pesticide and other industries. It has a large effective volume and can add a variety of liquids, such as water and molasses, Grease, etc.

Technical Features

animal feed mixing machine motor
Efficient Transmission Method

RICHI SLHY Feed Mixing Machine adopts chain transmission mode, which can work perfectly under special conditions such as feed mills, with high transmission efficiency.

richi animal feed mixing machine
Quality Accessories

RICHI promises to use high-quality motors, reducers, shafts, bearings, etc. for each equipment to ensure the interests of customers.

pneumatic gate of feed mixing machine
Eliminate Leaks

The discharge port of RICHI animal feed mixing machine is automatically controlled by a pneumatic gate, which has a higher discharge efficiency and can avoid material leakage.

animal feed mixing machine for feed mills
Well Mixed

Reasonable blade arrangement allows our mixing machine to fully mix when dealing with multiple materials.

10mm thick mixing machine body
Rugged and Durable

The thickness of our mixer body is 10.0mm, which is double that of other company. It can fully guarantee the stability and service life of the equipment.

feed mixing machine motor
Higher Efficiency

We promise to use high-spec drive motors and a reasonably optimized paddle layout to ensure the efficient use of the mixing machine.

Product Display

We recommend that customers must pay attention to a few points when choosing an animal feed mixer. 1. Material and layout of spiral belt or paddle; 2. Thickness of feed mixer body; 3. Motor, bearing, reducer; 4. Transmission mode is chain, belt, or direct connection. Only by more comparing can see high-quality products.

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  • SLHY Feed Mixing Machine
  • SLHY Feed Mixing Machine
  • SLHY Feed Mixing Machine
  • SLHY Feed Mixing Machine

Technical Parameters

Power 4kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 15kw 30kw
Mixed weight 250kg/P 500kg/P 500kg/P 1000kg/P 2000kg/P
Volume 0.5m³ 1m³ 1m³ 2.5m³ 5m³

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