Hot sale 3-5 ton per hour industrial wood chipper for wood pellet plant

3-5 ton per hour wood chipper machine is basic equipment in complete wood pellet plant, especially for large tree branches, limbs and large wood logs. It is used to cut large wood like logs, tree limbs and trunks into <3mm thickness and 10-30 mm length wood chips for further pulverizing by wood hammer mill.

4 rotary blades wood chipper price

1.Technical Parameters


Feeding Size(mm):160*400

Number of blade (pic):2

Rotated Speed (r/min):590


Main Motor Power(kw):4-45



2.Complete woow pellet making line wood pellets manufacturing process

We all know that the 3-5 ton per hour wood chipper machine is used in the first section of the wood fuel pellet producing plant to prepare for the subsequent process. So besides the professional manufactured factory price 3-5t/h wood chipper for pellet plant, which sections are needed for a complete biomass wood production line?

A complete biomass fuel pellet mill plant, from biomass raw material processing to final packing biomass pellets, includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packaging processes. We break down the process into three parts:

①Material handling system (including 3-5 ton per hour wood chipper shredder machine, wood hammer mill crusher, wood dryer)

②Granulating system (ring die wood pellet making machine)

③Packaging system (cooling machine and packaging machine)

3.The CE wood chipper shredder that customers often look for

high efficiency 3-4 ton per hour wood chip hammer mill

4-5 ton per hour wood hammer mill for wood chips

6 inch wood chipper

55kw 3-5t/h diesel wood chipper for making 3-5m chips

good quality 110 kw wood shredder chipper

hot sale 3-5 ton per hour industrial wood chipper

20-25 ton per hour tree branches wood chipper

most popular 315kw wood chipper

high quality 20-25 ton per hour drum wood chipper

7-8t/h output wood chip hammer mill

heavy duty 315kw wood chipper

110kw chipper shredder

55kw 3 ton per hour wood chipper machine

China hot selling 5 ton per hour drum wood chipper

heavy duty 20-25 ton/h wood chipper machines

30-60 m3/h industrial wood chipper machine

on line support heavy duty 15-20t/h wood chipper

5-8t/h wood chipper using making pellets


The maximum output of the good quality wood chipper shredder for wood pellet plant we can provide is more than 20 tons per hour, which can fully cover the various needs of the biomass pellet industry.The wood chippers for sale are indispensable component for people who want to set up a good quality wood pellet plant. If you are interested, pls contact Richi Machinery.

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