Healthy feed for chickens

There are many chicken feeds, but today I'm going to talk about health-care feeds that are beneficial to chickens. These chicken feeds are often seen in Chinese feed formulas, and they are also popularized today.

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1.Citrus peel

Citrus peel is rich in crude protein, crude fat, fiber, iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements. It can be used not only as medicine, but also as a high-quality health feed. Production method: Dry the citrus peel and grind it into powder. Feeding method: Mix it with chicken feed at a ratio of 2% to 3%.

2. Cangzhu(Atractylodes Lancea (Thunb.) DC.)

In addition to promoting the growth of poultry and enhancing the resistance to diseases, atractylodes has a better preventive and therapeutic effect on corneal softening, night blindness and osteomalacia. For example, adding 2% to 5% of atractylodes powder in chicken feed, and adding appropriate calcium agents, can prevent infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, chicken pox, infectious rhinitis and eye diseases. It can increase weight gain and egg production. In addition, adding a proper amount of atractylodes in the feed has a certain mildew-proof effect.

3. Mugwort

The wormwood leaves are removed from the fluff, bitter taste, sun-dried, and pulverized into powder. It is a good health feed for poultry, which can promote blood circulation and growth and reproduction, improve the quality of chicken, increase feed utilization, and has the effect of disease resistance and deodorization. Experiments have proved that adding 2% to 2.5% moxa powder to chicken feed can increase its weight gain by 10.49% to 22.69%. Each kilogram of weight gain can reduce the use of concentrated feed by 0.4 kg and increase the efficiency by 12.5%. Artemisia argyi can be picked in spring and summer when the flowers are still blooming and the leaves are lush, dried and crushed for later use.

4. Garlic

Garlic contains about 2% of volatile oil. Allicin is a kind of plant antibiotic, the main effective ingredient in the oil. It has inhibitory effects on pyogenic cocci, Escherichia coli, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis, mold, protozoa, etc. Feeding method: Peel the raw garlic, mash it, and take the mixture orally. It can also be made into garlic powder and added at the rate of 0.1% of the chicken feed. Garlic tincture can also be made and sealed for later use, and diluted with water before use.

5. Celosia

According to measurement, the protein contained in cockscomb seeds is as high as 73% and contains a variety of amino acids. The protein content of flowers, stems and leaves is also high. Experiments have proved that feeding chickens with cockscomb seeds, 1 to 2 grams per day, not only grows fast, but also can prevent pullorum disease. Adding 5% cockscomb petals or 10% stems and leaves to chicken feed can increase the daily weight gain of chickens by about 10%.

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