From what aspects can it be seen that broilers are difficult to raise

Friends who raise chickens know that raising chickens is a hard work,especially for fast-growing broiler chickens, from the moment the chicks are in to the chicken out, not only is there heavy physical labor, but the whole mind is on the chicken. I am afraid that a carelessness will cause chicken disease. So I often say that the chicken industry is an industry that suffers physically and mentally. Because we all know that it is an indisputable fact that broiler chickens are difficult to raise and have more disease. The reason is mainly determined by the characteristics of the broiler itself. Below, Ruiqi will share with you the understanding of the characteristics and causes of broiler chickens, hoping to help friends who raise chickens.

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1. Everyone knows that the average weight of broilers can grow from about 40 grams to 3000 grams, or even heavier, in just 50 days (and more than 50 days). Seven or eight weeks, the time has increased by more than 70 times, and the feed-to-meat ratio at this time is only about 2.1:1, that is, 0.5 kg of body weight can be increased by consuming more than 1 kg of feed. This growth rate and economic benefits are other Livestock and poultry cannot be compared. It is precisely because of this rapid growth rate that the chickens are weak and sick. Just like many children during the period of rapid growth, many will report leg soreness. Moreover, the growth rate of people is completely incomparable with that of broilers.

2. Broilers are more sensitive to environmental changes, and have weak adaptability to the environment, requiring a more stable and suitable environment (be afraid of cold in the early stage and heat in the later stage). The appropriate temperature for broiler chicks is 1~2°C higher than that of egg chicks, and the time for broiler chicks to reach normal body temperature is also about 1 week later than egg chicks.

(1) Broiler chickens are afraid of cold during the brooding period, and the temperature is lower than 32 ℃, they will gather together, and it is easy to be crushed. Therefore, during the broiler brooding period, the majority of breeding friends must strengthen temperature management to prevent crowding and extrusion. In addition, there is enough humidity. If the humidity is not up to the level, the chickens will easily get together and cannot be scattered. Therefore, during the brooding period, the temperature and humidity should not be ignored.

(2) Due to the rapid growth of broilers, the demand for oxygen is relatively high, and the requirements for temperature conditions in the broiler period are very high. Therefore, during the broiler brooding period, many older brothers and sisters often have heavy temperatures and neglect ventilation. There is a contradiction between heat preservation and ventilation during broiler brooding. If this contradiction is not resolved, insufficient ventilation and ventilation in the early feeding period may increase the incidence of ascites.

(3) Broiler chickens are particularly heat-resistant when they are slightly older. One is that the coat becomes thicker, and the temperature is high and it is not easy to dissipate heat. Second, the body temperature regulation function is gradually improved, and high temperature is no longer needed. The third is the rapid increase in feed intake, and the amount of heat the body needs to dissipate is also greatly increased. Therefore, in the later period, the broiler will not be able to lie on its stomach, and will not eat or drink, which will affect the weight gain. Especially in the high temperature season in summer, it does not count whether broilers do not eat or drink, and it is easy to die from heat stroke. Therefore, it is necessary to have good heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in the summer high temperature season to ensure that the appropriate temperature for broiler growth and development is reached, so as to ensure the normal growth and development of broiler chickens and earn economic benefits, otherwise it is likely to lose money due to this reason.

3. The disease resistance of broilers is weak. This is because:

(1) Due to the rapid growth of broilers, most of the nutrients are used for muscle growth. The disease resistance is relatively weak, and some common diseases such as chronic respiratory disease and colibacillosis are prone to occur. Once the disease occurs, it is not easy to cure . In addition, broiler chickens are not as sensitive to vaccines as laying hens, and often fail to obtain the ideal immune effect, and they are susceptible to disease if they are not careful. Because the immune cells are in a semi-mature state for 2/5 of the entire feeding cycle of the broiler, it is not difficult to understand the reason for the poor resistance of the broiler based on these reasons.

(2) The rapid growth of broiler chickens also burdens various parts of the body, especially the rapid growth within 3 weeks, which makes the body's internal stress always in a state of stress, so it is prone to sudden death syndrome and ascites syndrome unique to broilers ( Genetic disease).

(3) Because the bone growth of broiler chickens cannot meet the needs of weight gain, leg problems are prone to occur.

(4) Because broiler breasts support their body weight for a long time when lying on their stomachs, chest cysts often occur if they are not properly managed later.

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