Quality control of poultry broiler feed and its raw materials

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1. China's nutritional challenges

Take broiler breeding in China as an example. There are currently two main problems with high water content in corn and the use of old corn. Every year from October to March of the following year, high-moisture corn must be considered. If old corn is used, it should be considered whether its quality is reliable. In order to produce stable quality feed concentrates, the testing and monitoring procedures of the feed farm should be improved. If the feed formula is simple, it is easy to control the quality. In addition, we should also pay attention to the quality of dibasic calcium phosphate, heavy metal pollution, and pesticide residues.

2. Feed fresh broiler feed

Old feeds are prone to mildew to produce mycotoxins, and because they are prone to rancidity over time, and vitamins and minerals are also easily destroyed by oxidation, they should be fed with fresh feed. High-quality corn should meet the detection indicators below copper: moisture content is less than 14%, broken kernels are less than 5%, mold kernels are less than %, good kernels are between 90% and 92%, and other impurities are few.

3. Control the quality of broiler feed (Learn more about broiler chicken feed pellet production line with CE)

The moisture content in the feed seriously affects the daily intake of energy and other nutrients. For example, when the water content is increased from 13% to 15%, the nutrient intake can be reduced by 2%, which is already very high for broiler breeders.

At the same time, if the moisture is too high, mildew and oxidation are likely to occur, so the laboratory should monitor the moisture content in the feed every day.

If the protein content in the feed is too high, it will not only be of no benefit to broiler breeders, but will cause the breeder's egg production rate to drop, higher fullness and body composition, weight loss and even increase in mortality. Therefore, the change of protein in the feed should be controlled within a small range.

If there are any problems in production, such as indigestion in breeders, samples from the feed farm should be taken to the quality inspector for further analysis. We recommend that the storage period of feed samples is 6 months for feed, 9 months for premix, and 9 months for additives.

4. The impact of heavy metals on breeders

The pollution of heavy metals to inorganic minerals is mainly through polluted mines. In recent years, increasing recycling of metals has also increased the risk of pollution. The trace elements of inorganic salts are produced in large quantities, and the pollution in batches is not evenly distributed. Generally, the content of a small part is very high.

The effects of heavy metals mainly come from two aspects, namely toxicity and interaction with other mineral elements. Breeder chickens suffer from lead poisoning, become sluggish, lose their appetite, and drink water. Increase, severe diarrhea, and then weakness, anemia occurs, while immunity is reduced, egg production rate, and eggshell quality deteriorate. In addition, it will damage the embryonic central nervous system to varying degrees, causing hydrocephalus and embryo weight reduction.

High calcium in feed can reduce the toxicity of lead by reducing the absorption and deposition of lead in bones and tissues. If there are high mercury, cadmium, zinc, molybdenum, and other trace elements, lead in animals Toxicity becomes more complicated. Because it contributes to the accumulation of lead in the body, the absorption of zinc and lead antagonizes each other, and iron reduces the deposition of lead. If the laying hen eats lead and deposits in the body, it will increase the lead content in tissues, organs and eggs, and the lead content in the yolk will be proportional to the lead in the blood. At present, we also measure the lead content in egg white. The lead content of various tissues and organs in the body, from high to low, are: kidney, liver and ovarian tissue.

The effects of cadmium on breeder chickens are yield, egg weight and eggshell thickness reduction, weight gain reduction, anemia, bone calcification, kidney damage, and. It has antagonistic effect with zinc. The main effect of arsenic on breeder chickens is to reduce egg production rate, reduce body weight and reduce food intake. The main effects of mercury are poor appetite, weak wings and muscles, impact on testicular development, lower egg fertilization rate, and interference with intestinal, kidney function and nervous system.

All in all, modern broiler breeders may tend to bear less critical nutrition due to their lower body reserves: they must rely on feed for nutrition. The correct feeding procedure is adopted to make the chicken population grow according to the standard curve and reach the ideal fullness, especially when the production starts, while maintaining the feeding and the physiological limitations of the chickens to achieve good production performance.

Broiler feed quality control is an important part of broiler breeder production, but it is a job that must be done every day. Good quality management can exclude potential dangerous accidents from the chicken farm. Stable broiler feed and nutrition are Improve the foundation of broiler production.

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