China complete large 30 ton per hour cattle feed plant feed safety production management system

Today,Richi Machinery will share a China complete large automatic 30 ton per hour cattle feed production plant feed safety production management system with you.

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1. Safety and health management system

(1) In the work of safety production and fire prevention, the principle of "safety first, prevention first" shall be implemented. Responsible persons at all levels shall strictly abide by the responsibility system, and promptly manage and rectify illegal operations and unsafe factors to prevent all kinds of accidents.

(2) The legal representative of the 30 ton cattle feed enterprise, the general manager and deputy general managers are the first responsible person for safety, the managers of each department and the director of the production workshop are the second responsible person, and the directly engaged in technical expertise, mechanical operation and related personnel are the third people.

(3) The large cattle feed company regularly holds safety meetings to arrange and inspect safety and health work. Effectively use pre-class meetings for safety education and enhance safety awareness.

(4) Labor protection supplies and work clothes are regularly distributed, and work clothes are required to wear work clothes, and cuffs, necklines, and trousers are fastened to avoid danger.

(5) For highly toxic, flammable and other dangerous goods, the inspection department should be kept by a dedicated person, and make a record, indicating the purpose, quantity, date, etc.

(6) Special types of work cannot be operated independently without training.

(7) All personnel of the cattle feed production company must be insured against accidental injury insurance, once the insurance is out of danger.

(8) Effectively do a good job in sanitation, divide sanitation responsibility areas according to different jobs, check them regularly, and use them as indicators for employee assessment. 

(9) Contaminated feed making raw materials, such as cigarette butts, rope ends, waste plastic paper, etc., are not allowed in the production workshop; at the same time, the production area should be kept clean and tidy. Clean the work area before and after production every day.

(10) The production area requires sufficient light, no harmful animals, no insect pests, good ventilation, clean ground, no garbage accumulation, no water, and clean doors and windows.

(11) Smoking, bringing into life and other articles unrelated to production are strictly prohibited in the production area. 

(12) The sanitation of staff dormitories, canteens and green belts shall be cleaned up by special personnel.

(13) Every month or every quarter, clean up regularly to ensure that employees have a clean and tidy working environment. 

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2. Production management system  

In order to further strengthen production management, meet the 30t/h commercial feed mill company's sales needs, and under the premise of reducing consumption and cost, to produce feed products with quality and quantity, the following systems are specially formulated according to production needs.

(1) Raw and auxiliary materials entering commercial 30tph cattle feed factory system

①The procurement of raw materials shall be based on the national "Feed Hygienic Standards" and related regulations, formulate the 30 ton per hour commercial cattle feed processing plant's raw materials procurement standards, and purchase them in a planned manner according to the standards.

②After the raw materials enter the automatic 30t/h cattle feed manufacturing factory, the laboratory shall be notified in time to conduct sampling tests and test the corresponding nutritional indicators according to different raw materials. The test results are sent to the general manager, quality control department, and production department in triplicate, and the person in charge of the quality control department decides whether to store them in the warehouse.

③When entering the buffer bin, the quality inspector is required to sample package by package for sensory inspection, such as color, smell, impurities, moisture, etc.

④After entering the warehouse, the warehouse clerk shall carry out scientific inventory storage.  

★Moisture-proof and moisture-proof. When stacking raw materials, they should be placed on moisture-proof shelves made of wooden frames, and the stack should not be too high. There must be a certain distance between each stack.  

★Ventilate frequently to reduce temperature and humidity and prevent mildew. If there is any abnormality, please check carefully and take measures. 

★The records of warehousing and exit should be carefully and conscientiously, and the financial affairs and procurement should jointly review and establish files every month.

(2) Production and processing system  

①The relevant leaders of the production department shall guide and supervise the whole process to ensure the normal progress of production. 

★Cooperate closely with other departments to organize the staff of this department to ensure the normal operation of the production system; strive to increase output and increase the company's efficiency; complete various production tasks with quality and quantity.

★Do a good job of unity in all aspects, care about the lives of employees, and lead employees to actively participate in useful activities organized at all levels.

★Supervise the implementation of various records, and be clear, accurate, and correct; if any abnormal situation is found, report to the supervisor in time and provide analysis opinions. 

★Supervise and urge the implementation of various equipment overhauls to ensure that the production equipment is in good condition and operating normally. Regularly send personnel to maintain the cattle feed production equipment.

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②The employees must abide by the rules and regulations of the cattle feed making factory.

★Power distribution rooms, laboratories, boiler rooms, and warehouses are all important production positions, and you must hold an industry certificate issued by the state to work.  

★Strictly abide by the on-the-job attendance system, and carefully record the on-job attendance sheet. Employees who are late or leave early shall be dealt with according to relevant company regulations, and those who fail to work for more than half a working day without reason shall be dealt with as absenteeism. 

★Meeting guests at work or bringing irrelevant personnel, relatives and friends into the post is not allowed. When leaving the job, the workshop personnel must first ask for leave from the monitor and can leave only after getting permission.

★ Smoking is strictly prohibited in all production places of the company, including production workshops, warehouses, etc. and in the courtyard. There must be clear regulations on drinking, smoking, and eating time in the factory. 

★ In the case of peak seasons, product demand increases, and the 30t/h commercial feed company's cattle feed processing equipment production capacity cannot meet the demand during day shift production. According to the actual situation, the production department shall report to the general manager for approval to open night shift production, and the relevant personnel shall obey the arrangement.

③In the whole 30 ton per hour cattle feed production process, the operating procedures should be strictly followed. 

★Strictly do a good job in production quality management, organize production in strict accordance with the production process, earnestly implement the post responsibility system, and keep the cattle feed making formula absolutely confidential, and must be checked internally before production.

★Quality inspectors must check whether the raw materials used in the processing workshop are correct, and must strictly follow the proportion required by the formula to feed the materials, and the amount of materials must not be changed without authorization.  

★When weighing, the custodian should accurately pick the materials, and then accurately weigh the batches one by one and pack them in buckets. After a batch is weighed, it is sent to the mixer for mixing.  

★The processing must be carried out in strict accordance with the technological requirements.  

★Accurate weighing is required when packaging, and the measurement error should not exceed 50 grams. The sealing should be standardized and neat, and special personnel should be implemented. 

★During the cattle feed pellet manufacturin process, samples should be taken every day to test cattle feed products, and unqualified products should not be sent to the warehouse, and records should be carefully made. 

★Make a bill of material and finished product warehousing, and review by the production department. 

(3) Finished product storage and delivery system

①Should be stored on the shelves according to product categories, with clear boundaries. 

②After entering the warehouse, the custodian should check regularly and frequently check the ventilation and moisture-proof conditions to prevent deterioration. 

③Strictly check the products leaving the factory, and products found to be abnormal are prohibited from leaving the factory. 

④When the finished packaging bag enters the factory, it is necessary to check whether the printing, size, weight, lining, seam, etc. meet the standards, and check again when using it.

⑤When there are export warehousing records, they should be carefully and conscientiously, and they should be reviewed by finance and purchasing together every month, and stored in the file.

(4) Major quality accident handling system

①If a quality accident occurs, carefully fill in the quality accident report, analyze the cause of the quality accident, and deal with the responsible persons. Product quality awareness cannot be relaxed.

②The quality control and technical departments strictly monitor and report problems immediately if they are found, and the reasons must be investigated and analyzed in time.

③If an accident occurs when the user uses the large scale 30tph livestock cattle feed mill's products, he should investigate the cause, if it is improper use, he shall be responsible; if it is due to quality, it shall be strictly signed by the authoritative technical supervision department, if it is the responsibility of the large ruminant cattle animal feed mill factory with 30 ton capacity, the loss caused The feed factory is responsible. 

④All quality inspection records and processing reports should be managed by a dedicated person and filed.

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