Maintenance method of livestock equipment

With the development of the animal husbandry level, more and more animal husbandry equipment has been put into the breeding industry. With the widespread use of animal husbandry equipment, the maintenance of equipment and equipment has gradually become a topic of concern for farmers and breeding enterprises. Because the maintenance of equipment is directly related to the length of its service life, and also directly related to the investment of farm funds. Therefore, the knowledge of animal husbandry equipment maintenance has attracted more and more attention from farms and farmers. 

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1. What is the maintenance of livestock equipment?

The maintenance of livestock equipment refers to the maintenance and protection of the performance and technical condition of the equipment through wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, etc. during the use of the equipment to extend the service life of the equipment The method we call the maintenance of livestock equipment.

2. What is included in the maintenance of livestock equipment? 

The maintenance of livestock equipment generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. In addition, for some mobile equipment, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance is also an important part of maintenance.  

Generally speaking, routine maintenance is the foundation of equipment maintenance work, so it must be institutionalized and standardized; regular equipment maintenance requires work quotas and material consumption quotas, and assessments are made according to the quotas. The regular maintenance of equipment should be included in the assessment scope of the animal husbandry management responsibility system; regular inspection is a planned preventive inspection. In addition to human senses, there must be certain inspection tools and instruments. According to the regular inspection card Implementation, regular inspection is also called periodic inspection; in addition, the accuracy of mechanical equipment should also be checked to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

3. What are the basic points to pay attention to in equipment maintenance?

(1) Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment are clean and tidy. There is no oil on all sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gear boxes, oil holes, etc., no oil or air leakage at all parts, and chips, debris, Dirt should be cleaned up; 

(2) Organize: Tools and accessories should be placed neatly, and pipelines and lines should be organized;

(3) Good lubrication: add oil or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark, unobstructed oil path, oil quality meets requirements, oil gun, oil cup, and felt clean; p>  

(4) Safety: Observe the safety operation regulations, do not use the equipment with overload, the safety protection device of the equipment is complete and reliable, and eliminate unsafe factors in time.   

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