What are the feed additives commonly used in laying hens?

Although this type of additive does not contain the nutrients needed by chickens, it is beneficial to promote layer chicken growth, increase egg production, enhance disease resistance and layer chicken feed storage. Its types include antibiotic additives, insect repellent health care additives, antioxidants, antifungal agents, Chinese herbal medicine additives and hormones, enzyme preparations, etc. 

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1. Antibiotic additives

Antibiotics have antibacterial effects. Some antibiotics can inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria in the intestines of chickens when added to the diet as additives. They can resist a variety of respiratory and digestive diseases, improve feed utilization, and promote weight gain and egg production. The effect is more obvious when the chicken is in adversity. Commonly used antibiotic additives include penicillin, oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, neomycin, tylosin and so on.

When using antibiotic additives, pay attention to the alternate action of several antibiotics to prevent harmful microorganisms in the chicken's intestines from developing resistance and reducing the control effect. In order to avoid excessive drug resistance and product residue levels, use interval time and strictly control the addition amount. Use less or cautiously use antibiotics shared by humans and animals.  

2. Repellent health additives  

Among chicken parasitic diseases, coccidiosis has a high incidence and great harm, so special attention should be paid to prevention. Commonly used anticoccidial drugs include furazolidone, ampromycin, salinomycin, monensin, chlorpheniramine, etc. They should also be used alternately to avoid drug resistance.

3. Antioxidant

In the process of feed storage, adding antioxidants can reduce the oxidative loss of nutrients such as vitamins and fats. For example, adding 200 grams of sandaquin per ton of feed, storage for one year, carotene loss 30%, without adding antioxidants The loss of 70%; adding antioxidants to fatty fish meal can maintain the digestibility of the original crude protein, and the efficiency of digestion, absorption and utilization of various amino acids is not affected. Commonly used antioxidants include Sandoquine, ethylated hydroxytoluene, butylated hydroxymethoxybenzene, etc. The general addition amount is 100mg to 150mg per kilogram. 

4. Antifungal agent  

In the feed storage process, in order to prevent the feed from becoming moldy and deteriorating, and to maintain good palatability and nutritional value, an anti-mold agent can be added to the feed. Commonly used antifungal agents are sodium propionate, calcium propionate, sodium dehydroacetate, gram fox and so on. The addition amount is: sodium propionate per ton of feed plus 1kg; calcium propionate per ton of feed plus 2kg; sodium dehydroacetate per ton of feed plus 200g ~ 500g. 

5. Egg yolk color enhancer  

Adding egg yolk color enhancer to the feed can improve the yellow color of the egg, that is, the color of the egg yolk will change from light yellow to dark yellow. Commonly used egg yolk coloring agents are lutein, Lukangding, red pepper powder and so on. For example, add 200g to 300g of red chili powder per 100kg. Feeding for half a month can keep the egg yolk dark yellow for 2 months. It can also increase the appetite of the chicken and increase the egg production rate.  

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