Best selling ce complete pine wood pellet production line for 5t/h biomass fuels energy plant(how to make pine pellet)

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Pine pellet fuel is one of the biomass fuels. Because of its special variety, it is a more cost-effective biomass pellet fuel. Coupled with the advantages of its biomass pellet fuel, it will become a popular biomass pellet. Fuel, the development prospect is obvious.

hot selling 5 ton per hour pine wood acacia wood pellet line for sale

1.China professional 5 ton per hour complete wood pellet line for pine waste

(1)5t/h biomass pine wood pellet plant manufacturing process:

Wood chipping and crushing-wood drying-wood pelletizing-wood pellet cooling-pellet sieving-packaging

(2)professional manufactured machine for 5 ton per hour pine wood pellet plant

Applicable devices are high efficiency wood chips crusher,factory price wood chips rotary drum dryer,drum screen-pellet machine-cooler-vibrating screen-ton bag scale-packing machine

And some of its auxiliary equipment, such as belt conveyor, bucket elevator, cyclone, dust collector, fan, silo and so on.

(3)Customized 5 ton per hour complete pine wood fuel pellet plant prodcution flow chart( Just one example)

The process of making biomass pine wood pellet fuel needs to be customized according to the specific situation of each customer, and the required equipment also needs to be configured according to the specific situation. There is no exactly the same high return 5 tph pine wood pellet line, which is also a characteristic of the biomass pellet processing industry.

2. Where do pine pellet fuel raw materials come from?

Where do the raw materials of pine pellet fuel come from? Which raw materials can be made into pine pellet fuel?

We have to admit that a variety of energy fuels are widely used in autumn and winter. With the development of society, we use various fuels to provide central heating in winter to solve the heating problem. With the development of high-tech technology, biomass fuels It is also changing. Coal fuel pollutes the environment. We replace coal with biomass pine pellet fuel, a clean energy source, to become a new environmentally friendly fuel for heating. The application of pine pellet fuel biomass energy is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, as well as heating. Where does such environmentally friendly energy raw materials come from? Are there so many pine pellet fuel raw materials?

There are four key sources of pine pellet fuel raw materials, namely, furniture factory waste, board factory scrap, forestry waste, pine sawdust and sawdust and other forestry production wastes. Pine wood pellet fuel used in waste is a typical application of pine wood raw materials, and many of these agricultural and forestry wastes are wasted. With a little use, they can be made into beneficial biomass pellets. With the development of biomass pellet technology, the utilization of agricultural and forestry waste is no longer empty talk. Raw materials that are waste materials can be produced and processed into practical biomass pellets, which has very economic and social benefits.

3. The advantages of pine wood pellets

(1) The calorific value of pine pellet fuel is as high as 4200-5000 kcal/kg, which is a biomass fuel with higher calorific value among biomass fuels. Therefore, when the calorific value is required, the calorific value of pine pellet fuel has obvious advantages.

(2) The ash content of pine pellet fuel is small, generally 1-3. Compared with coal, the ash content after combustion is less and the residual ash is less. The low ash content greatly improves the utilization rate of pine pellet fuel and saves fuel.

(3) Pine wood pellet fuel has high volatility and is easy to catch fire. It can also volatilize into combustible gas and burn fully, which is an advantage that ordinary coal does not have.

(4) There is almost no ash residue after burning of pine pellet fuel, which is only 1%-5% of the total weight. Unlike the large amount of ash residue after coal combustion, which needs to be cleaned up to about 30-40% of the total weight, cleaning up cinder requires a waste of manpower and material resources. And random stacking can easily cause secondary pollution to the environment.

(5) The density of biomass pine pellet fuel after processing increases and the volume becomes smaller, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

(6) The main components of the combustible gas after pyrolysis during the combustion of pine wood pellets are H2, CH4, CmHn, CO, etc. After full combustion, the emissions of SO2, CO, NO, etc. are minimal, so the combustion emissions of pine wood pellets are comparable to coal. Compared with, has a very obvious environmental protection advantage.

(7) The utilization rate and unit price of pine pellet fuel are cost-effective, and fuel oil. Compared with energy such as gas and electricity, pine pellet fuel is a relatively cost-effective energy source, which can generally save 50% compared to oil and gas and 80% compared to electricity. Compared with anthracite coal, it is 10% cheaper, and the cost is about 20-30% higher than low-quality polluted coal. Therefore, under the conditions of environmental protection and economy, biomass pine pellet fuel is one of the more cost-effective energy sources.

(8) The pine pellet fuel is burned on professional biomass burners, steam generators and other equipment. The general intelligent operation can effectively control the fuel consumption, and truly achieve scientific control without wasting energy.

(9) Pine wood pellet fuel is an environmentally friendly renewable energy source that is recycled and reused. Pine wood pellet fuel is mainly used as scrap from furniture factories and board factories. The waste materials are processed and used for environmental protection energy. Therefore, pine wood pellet fuel has environmentally friendly and renewable properties.

4. What are the uses of pine wood pellets?

Pine pellet fuel is processed from pine wood chips, sawdust, and shavings. These raw materials are relatively high-quality biomass pellet raw materials. The produced biomass pellets have good quality and high heat. So where exactly can pine pellet fuel be used and what is the effect? Pine wood pellets are mainly used in Large-scale power generation, Central/Home heating, Boilers, Cooking, Organic fertilizer, etc.

high return 5 tph wood pellet line manufacturers from china

5. Storage method of pine pellet

Pine wood pellet fuel is basically packed in plastic bags, paper bags or woven bags, which are inevitably in contact with air. The air itself contains moisture, and when it encounters a certain amount of water, the particles will loosen. Even if the air is dried again and stored for a long time, the life of the pine pellet fuel will be affected.

During the storage of pine pellets, the main factors affecting pellets are temperature, humidity and storage. If the humidity is too high and the temperature is too high, the pine pellet fuel may be moldy, cracked, etc., and may also cause changes in heat generation and durability of the pine pellet fuel, thereby adversely affecting the transportation and application of the pine pellet fuel.

The storage environment of pine pellet fuel is bounded by a humidity of 10°C, less than 10°C, for 6 months, and storage time greater than 10°C, usually 1-3 months. Therefore, when storing pine wood pellets, a good environment must be selected to ensure that the humidity and temperature are within the normal range.

The storage capacity of pine pellet fuel is usually determined according to actual usage, and how much is stored for use. Storing once a month is enough, and try to avoid storing large amounts of storage space at once.

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