Animal feed superfine grinder's debugging, operation and maintenance

1. Check feed grinding machine before debugging

(1) For newly installed equipment, when the equipment is in place and the crushing chamber is connected, it is inevitable that foreign objects such as iron blocks, welding rod heads, welding slag and so on will remain. Without turning on the fan and main motor, open the impurity removal baffle below the feed inlet to allow impurities and washing materials to be discharged from here. After the end, open the observation door of the ultrafine pulverizer to check whether there are impurities in the pulverizing disc, and whether there is any hidden danger of collision between the hammer knife and the gear ring.

(2) After the initial check that everything is normal, power on the equipment. Check the direction of rotation of all motors.

(3) Check and set the parameters of the two inverters of the feeding motor and the grading wheel motor of the ultra-fine pulverizer, and check whether the adjustment of the air switch, contactor, thermal relay, and overcurrent relay corresponding to the motor is appropriate? Re-lock all the wires once again.

(4) Check whether the solenoid valve blows normally or not, and adjust the solenoid valve pulse width and spray interval time of the dust collector.

(5) Check whether there is any air leakage in the air shutter under the brake. You can put your hand or fine powder on the interface to see if it feels like sucking in. If necessary, seal it. After the above check everything is normal, prepare to produce with materials.

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2. Debugging process

(1) At this time, take a sample in the finished product area to test the fineness of the finished powder. When the fineness exceeds the index, the speed of the grading wheel can be adjusted downward.

(2) Every time the rotation speed of the grading wheel is adjusted, a period of time should be taken to test the fineness of the finished powder.

(3) Whenever the rotation speed of the grading wheel decreases, the current of the main engine will also decrease. At this time, the feeding frequency can be gradually increased to increase the crushing output.

(4) At the same time, adjust the opening range of the air door of the high-pressure fan, and detect the current of the high-pressure fan, not only to ensure a certain air volume, but also to allow the fan to work normally for a long time.

(5) If the output and fineness are not up to the requirements due to material differences, the rotation direction of the grading wheel can also be the same as that of the main engine. Other debugging methods are the same as above.

3. Superfine feed grinder equipment adjustment and maintenance

(1) The main wearing parts of the grinder: flat teeth, round teeth, large and small grinding teeth. Flat teeth and round teeth are made of stainless steel, with good dynamic balance, and should be replaced if they are severely worn. The size of the self-made metal processing should be specifications, and the weight difference of each piece should not be more than 1 gram to avoid vibration damage to the bearing and the machine.

(2) 0.6-12 mm sieves of various specifications. When replacing, the light side is down.

(3) The bearings are regularly filled with high-speed grease, and checked once every half a month. If serious wear is found, they should be replaced or repaired in time.

(4) Collision is strictly prohibited, and the inside and outside of the machine should be cleaned up for a long time, and kept properly to prevent rust.

(5) If it is unable to work normally due to manufacturing reasons, the user can directly contact the manufacturer for free warranty.

4. Precautions for the operation of the superfine grinder for animal feed

(1) The operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, and it is forbidden to reach into the feeding port. Do not open the cover during operation and the machine is not stopped.

(2) Load start is strictly forbidden. When the feeding port is blocked, it is forbidden to forcibly feed it by hand or with a wooden stick. It should be shut down immediately for inspection. When working, it is necessary to feed the material in an appropriate amount and evenly. If there is a semi-wet non-dry material, it is best to dry it or reduce the feeding amount.

5. Maintenance and storage of superfine feed grinding machine for animal poultry livestocks

(1) Always check the fastening of each part to prevent it from loosening and falling off and damaging the machine.

(2) The oil filling holes should be filled frequently, and the bearing parts should be cleaned and filled with lithium grease every six months.

(3) When the machine is shut down for operation, the machine should be idling for a period of time, the remaining material in the machine should be blown off, and then shut down.

(4) When the machine is out of service, the debris outside the machine should be removed, all rotating parts should be filled with grease, and stored in a dry air, no corrosive gas warehouse.

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