Innovations For Chicken Feed Pellet Making Plant Processing Equipment and Technology

animal feed processing plant with broiler\

1.For Broiler Pellet Feed

(1) Innovations for chicken broiler feed processing machines

①From 1995 when developing our first-generation animal poultry chicken feed pelleting machine to 2000, RICHI provided customers with animal poultry chicken feed pellet milling machine with one conditioner to process common pellet feed to meet the lower feed requirements of most chicken feed mill plants in China's feed industry at that time.

② In 2001, Richi Machinery introduced the large scale ce certificate animal feed pellet mills(160-220kW) and technologies , and developed the second-generation ring die animal poultry cattle chicken livestock shrimp fish feed pellet mill machine and jacket conditioner, which improved the efficiency of 15-25t broiler feed per single chicken feed processing line.

③In 2005,Richi Machinery innovated and improved the main transmission structure of the original CE approved poultry chicken feed compress pellet making machine, and developed the third-generation chicken food pellet making machine and differential conditioner, which further improved the capacity.

④From 2006 to 2014, Richi Machinery successively developed the fourth-generation large-scale animal granule feed pellet mill machine with the largest capacity of 30t,28t and 45t , the multi-point steam admission conditioner and the hygienic conditioner, which met the equipment and technical requirements of Chinese and international broiler feed production with capacity over 40t per single chicken feed pellet producing line.

⑤In 2015-2019, Richi Machinery developed the fifth-generation broiler feed technology and key equipment, creating a leading international level of broiler feed processing technology.

(2)Innovations for broiler feed pellet processing technologies

①The first-/second-generation broiler feed systems: lower pelleting capacity and feed quality.

②The third-/fourth-generation broiler feed systems: on the premise of pursuing pelleting capacity, the technologies such as improving the effect of conditioning (equipped with differential conditioner, double-layer conditioner or hygienic conditioner) and increasing the compression ratio of ring die are used to improve particle hardness and reduce pulverization rate.

③The fifth-generation broiler feed system: unlike traditional conditioning technology, it has an innovated intelligent combination of temperature controlling, moisture controlling and smooth gelatinization, etc. Controllable conditioning time(3-10min) and temperature(75- 95℃). Pelleting capacity is increased by 20% compared with the traditional process. Hardness of particles is 4kg, pulverization rate is less than 2%, and formula cost is reduced by 5%. All of the above four key technical indicators can be achieved at the same time, which can benefit chicken feed enterprises and thoroughly solve the problems in the industry.

2.For Chicken Layer Feed(Mainly for pellet feed)

(1)Innovations for aying hens feed making machines

①Richi Machinery, like most other chicken feed processing mahine suppliers in China, help chicken feed plant to use first-generation layer feed technology with the combination of grinding and mixing to produce common powder layer feed .

②From 2011 to 2015, Richi Machinery developed the second-generation equipment and technology with hygienic conditioner and mixer to help chicken feed mill plants to produce high-grade, hygienic and sterile powder layer feed.

③ From 2016 to 2019, the third-generation layer feed coating technology and equipment were developed to produce high-grade, hygienic and sterile pellet layer feed.

(2)Innovations for chicken laying hens feed manufacturing process technologies

①Feed produced by the first-generation layer feed technology contained harmful bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli. High segregation, low feed intake, and high feed conversion ratio.

②Feed produced by the second-generation layer feed processing technology achieved certain sterilization effect, but high segregation, low feed intake, and high feed conversion ratio still existed.

③The third-generation layer feed coating technology has realized the transformation from powder feed to pellet feed. Less loss of heat sensitive elements such as vitamins, higher feed intake, and lower feed conversion ratio.

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