How to process rice husks into feed for cattle?

Method 1: Fermented rice husk feed

In the rice husk-based raw materials, add an appropriate amount of rice bran, fiber decomposing yeast, seed koji, and phosphate-hydrogen press. After fermentation and saccharification, an ideal feed can be added. The specific method is: 100kg rice husk powder Add 20kg of rice bran, 3kg of monohydrogen phosphate, 30kg of water, 50kg of seed koji, and 100g of fiber decomposing enzyme. Stir it thoroughly, then place it in a room at 30°C for 48 hours to obtain 145kg of fermented feed. This kind of feed has high protein content and high content of alkaline nitrate compounds, good adaptability, fast weight gain, and can be used as feed for livestock and poultry.

Method 2: Rice husk extruded feed

The adaptability and digestibility of rice husks are better than the original ones after being extruded to make feed. The method of operation is: take 5OOkg of rice husk (water content 12%), add 50kg of water, stir evenly, and use an electric heater to heat the closed puffing device to 200℃-230℃, and then continuously add the wet rice husk to the puffing device , Compress lOS under an average pressure of 1.5pa*105pa, and then release the pressure instantly, you can get 500kg of soft dry net-shaped puffed rice husk. Puffed rice husk can be self-connected and used with matching materials, or it can be mixed in after crushing. For the word material, 5%-20% should be mixed with water.

Method 3: Rice husk pellet feed for cattle

Add 75% by weight of honey and water into the crushed rice husk, and use a cattle feed pellet making machine to make cylindrical particles with a self-diameter of 8mm and a length of 7-20mm. The finished product is the volume without the rice husk. 1/6 test proved that this kind of word material can completely replace straw to feed cattle, JI= and it is convenient to transport and store straw, thus reducing the production of wood in word raising, and the feeding amount is generally controlled within 20% of the weight of the concentrate.

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