Can I change the chicken feed at will?

The answer is very simple, it is best not to change randomly! It should be known that if the chicken feed is not changed according to the chicken's usual habits, the chicken is not given a suitable transition period, and the feed is changed suddenly, which will easily cause the chicken's stress response. All kinds of animals have strong anti-stress ability, but the anti-stress ability of different animals is different. When chickens grow under natural conditions, chickens have strong anti-stress ability. But chickens are naturally neurotic animals, timid and like to live in groups, so they are more sensitive to external stimuli. In addition, because our current chicken-raising environment is no longer a natural environment, its anti-stress ability has also been affected to a certain extent.

Stress is a response of the chicken to the threatening "challenge" it feels. All environmental stressors will increase the level of corticosterone in the blood and reduce the production efficiency of the flock. As long as there are stress-causing factors in the environment, it will inevitably lead to flock stress.

Can I change the chicken feed at will?
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