Tell me the price for 500 kg/h and 800 kg/h. Can the flat die type animal feed pellet machine work for 6 or 8 hour continuos?

For 500 kg/h for making animal feed pellets, FDF260 flat die with 400-500 kg/h will be ok.

For 800 kg/h for making animal feed pellets, FDF360 flat die with 700-800 kg/h will be ok.

Yes, the flat die feed pellet making machines can work for 6 or 8 hour continuous, and please kindly add lubricating oil each 4 hours. That will be better.

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Hi, I need price of 70B fish feed extruder which can produce fish feed,crab, catfish, shrimps feed, also can produce the animal feed like chicken, cattle, rabbit, pig feed etc. by changing the mould and formula.