What are the precautions of extruder machine operation?

1) Feeding precautions: For the extruder's higher requirement about material finesse, it is easy for the material to get blocked. It is better to equip a feeding barrel with self-cleaning scraper on the feeding auger, making sure materials can be continuously got into the expanding chamber.

2) Machine open precautions: Start feeding in small volume and add more water. It would be better to heat the screw barrel with steam before starting the feed extruder machine. A few minutes later, use water with a certain pressure to clean the screw and thread inserts, in case of foreign objects in the barrel blocking the die hole.

3) Machine shut-down precautions: Do not shut down the extruder immediately after the production completed. First wash the inner extruding chamber and then soften the inner chamber with steam, at last wash the chamber, making sure the machine will not be blocked and can produce good quality extruded aquatic feed.

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