Can laying hens be fed powder for a long time?

Chickens generally like to eat pelleted feed, which can stimulate the appetite of chickens and increase feed intake. Long-term feeding of too broken feed will reduce the feed intake of chickens and affect growth and egg production. What kind of feed is appropriate? This depends on the type and age of the chicken, mainly the following. The chicks can be fed with whole grains of millet, mixed with some powder feed.

The pre-processing methods of chicken powder feed and chicken pellet feed are the same, but pellet feed also requires equipment such as chicken feed pellet making machine. As far as the two types of feed processing are concerned, powder is more economical, but generally customers will build a chicken feed pellet production line, because a small part of the powder processed in the early stage can be directly fed to the chickens, and most of the remaining powder can enter the granulation stage for pelleting.

Welcome to view the production process of chicken feed pellets:https://www.richimachinery.com/solution/chicken-feed-pellet-line.html

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