Does the shape of the feed affect the intake, digestion and absorption of chickens?

Yes´╝îinfluential. Different feed shapes can play a unique role in different types of chickens or the same type of chicken but at different stages to achieve their unique benefits. For example, one-day-old chicks use broken feed because of its advantages such as hygiene, easy eating, and no waste; broiler chickens eat pellets because it has good palatability and large feed intake, so the chickens cannot be picky. It can be eaten completely, not wasted, and is relatively hygienic; for laying hens or free-range native chickens that are in the restricted food stage, use pellets to achieve the purpose of hunger resistance; chicken powder feeds are more nutritious, and chickens eat slowly. Chickens can eat evenly and it is not easy to deteriorate. Because several days of feed can be added at a time, it saves labor. Therefore, it is suitable for chickens of various breeds and ages.
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