What is the effect of adding baking soda to animal poultry livestock feed? Precautions for the use of baking soda

The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. It is a white crystalline powder, soluble in water, and slightly alkaline. It can neutralize stomach acid and dissolve mucus when taken orally. Let's take a look at the role of adding baking soda to the feed and the precautions for use!  

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1. What is the function of adding baking soda to the feed?

Adding baking soda to livestock and poultry feed can effectively improve the digestibility of the animal's feed, accelerate the utilization of nutrients and the excretion of harmful substances, and increase the animal's weight gain; it can make the animal's resistance and immunity The strength is always maintained in good condition, improving the anti-stress ability of animals, and has a positive effect on preventing livestock and poultry diseases and ensuring their healthy growth. In addition, baking soda can also regulate and maintain the acid-base balance in the animal's body, and has the effect of absorbing moisture, deodorizing and cleaning the air.  

2. Precautions for the use of baking soda:

At first, it should be noted that baking soda is alkaline and should not be used with vitamin B1, B2, C, folic acid, antibiotic drugs and organic acids at the same time, so as not to destroy its use effect. The second is to pay attention to the amount of use, because excessive amounts can cause alkalosis, and the amount of salt should be reduced accordingly to prevent livestock and poultry from eating too much sodium. Third, the baking soda is unstable and easily decomposes in a humid environment. It should not be left for a long time. Add it as you use it, and pay attention to mixing it evenly.  

The effect of adding baking soda to the feed is great. When using baking soda, you should also pay attention to the method of use, so as not to damage the quality of the feed and affect the health of livestock and poultry.

More sharing:

Test proof. Adding a proper amount of baking soda to dairy cow feed can help digestion, supplement energy, stabilize and increase milk production and extend lactation; adding 3‰ to 5‰ to broiler and layer feed can fatten and lay eggs 10 to 15 days in advance The rate increased by 1.5%-2.5%;  

According to relevant studies in Japan, adding baking soda can produce an average of 176 kg more milk per cow during the peak period of milk production, and the peak period lasts for about 8 months. Feeding cattle with baking soda as additive feed can promote fattening and increase feed utilization. If 0.5% baking soda is used to feed beef cattle, the feeding period can be shortened by 50 days, the weight can reach 680 to 700 kg, and the feed utilization rate can be increased by 12%.

According to research in the United States, adding an appropriate amount of baking soda to the feed for pigs lacking lysine can compensate for the lack of lysine and increase the weight gain rate of pigs.

According to Russian reports, the use of baking soda can not only increase the weight of pigs, but also increase the survival rate of piglets. After comparative experiments, the weight of one-month-old piglets increased by 0.5 kg compared with those without baking soda, 2.7 kg higher at 60 days, and 3.2 kg higher at 70 days. The survival rate of piglets is 5% higher than that of piglets produced by sows not fed with baking soda.

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