The chicken cow rabbit silkworm manure can be processed into pig feed pellets

What are the raw materials of pig feed pellets? Corn, wheat, barley, broken rice, wheat flour, bran, fish meal, soybean meal, peanut meal, cotton meal, rapeseed meal, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, fat-soluble vitamin A, D , E, K, B vitamins, synthetic lysine, methionine, threonine, chromatic acid, etc. It can be seen that these are all normal raw materials, but the raw materials we are going to introduce today are very special, that is, animal manure.

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1. Chicken manure

Chicken manure is a high-quality and cheap protein supplement. Dry chicken manure contains 15%-30% crude protein, 2.4% crude fat, 10%-16% crude fiber, 30% non-ammonia extract, and 5.6% calcium. , Linoleic acid 1%, various amino acids 8%~10%.

(1) How to use

① Drying. Spread the fresh chicken manure on the cement floor and dry it naturally, add 0.5%~1% sulfuric acid or 0.5% formaldehyde solution when it is half dry. After the chicken manure is air-dried, it is crushed and bagged for later use. The feeding amount is 5%~30%.

② Fermentation. Add rice bran, bran and grass meal to the chicken manure, add appropriate amount of water, put it in a tank, cellar or plastic bag, press tightly and seal it tightly, and ferment for 3 to 5 days before use.

③ Silage. 60% of chicken manure, 30% of straw powder, and 10% of bran are mixed, and the humidity is maintained at 60%. It can be used for silage for 30-50 days.

(2) Feeding amount

Add 5% to 10% of chicken manure to piglet rations, 15% to 30% of fattening pigs, and do not feed it 15 days before slaughter.

2. Cattle dung

Dry cattle/cow manure contains 10%~20% crude protein, 1%~3% crude fat, 15%~30% crude fiber, and 20%~30% non-ammonia extract.

(1) How to use

① Drying. Spread the fresh cow dung on the concrete floor, sprinkle 0.1% potassium permanganate on it, and smash it into bags after air drying.

② Fermentation. Cow dung 30%, bran 50%, bran 20%, mix and seal fermentation, or take 10 kg of fresh cow dung and 200 grams of edible fermented noodles, ferment for 6 hours in summer, and more than 24 hours at 15°C in winter.

(2) The feeding amount is 10%-15% for fattening pigs, and piglet feed is not added.

3. Rabbit manure

Rabbit manure has high nutritional value. Rabbit manure contains 18%~27% crude protein, 3.9%~4.3% crude fat, 36%~46% crude fiber, 40.6% non-ammonia extract, 1.9% calcium, and 1.4% phosphorus. %, carbohydrate 4.9%~8%.

(1) How to use

① Drying. Spread the fresh rabbit dung on the cement floor and sun it for more than 3 hours, air-dry and smash it, mix 1 kg of dry rabbit dung with 200 ml of formaldehyde solution, and then dry it for feeding.

②Boil it. Add appropriate amount of bran and other feed to the fresh rabbit manure, boil it for 15-20 minutes, and then feed it.

③Soaking. Put the dried rabbit feces into a tank or basin and other containers, add boiling water and stir to make a paste for feeding.

④ Fermentation. Grate the fresh rabbit manure, mix it with grass and vegetables, add an appropriate amount of water, put it in a tank, cellar or plastic bag, and ferment for 24 to 48 hours before feeding.

(2) Feeding supplements: 10%~15% of piglet diet, 15%~25% of fattening pig diet. The addition amount should be determined by the amount of feed such as rice bran and bran added to the rabbit manure. Adding more bran can increase the feeding amount appropriately. Fattening pigs should stop feeding 20 days before they are released.

4. Silkworm manure

Silkworm manure contains 29.2% dry matter, 13%~15.4% crude protein, 2.6% crude fat, 10.1%-19.6% crude fiber, and 36.2% soluble nitrogen-free materials.

(1) How to use: Spread the fresh silkworm manure on the cement floor and dry it naturally. After crushing, put it in clean water and soak for about 3 hours. After removing it, mix it into the feed and feed it.

(2) Feeding supplements: 5% of piglet diet, 5% to 10% of fattening pig diet.

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