What should you pay attention to when formulating piglet feed?

Piglets are a relatively fragile stage in the growth process of pigs, so their breeding has become a key part of the pig's full-term feeding. The digestive system of piglets is not yet mature, the secretion of digestive enzymes and gastric acid is insufficient, the immunity is low, and the stress is large. At this time, the formula of piglet feed is particularly important.

The feeding of early weaned piglets can be divided into: early weaning and 5~25kg stages (or subdivided into 5~10kg, 10~25kg), and the producers should provide the characteristics of the physiological and nutritional needs of the piglets in each feeding stage And reasonable preparation of different feeds.

Price of setting up a pig feed pellet mill feed making plant

In order to make the weaned piglets adapt to the feed intake as soon as possible and reduce the stress caused by weaning, it is usually started to supplement the feeding trough 7-10 days after the piglets are born. The quality of the feed should be similar to that of breast milk. The raw material is mainly dairy or milk replacer. Due to its good palatability and easy digestion, it can increase the feed intake of piglets and increase the weaning weight.

The main role of the feed is that the antigenic components it contains can stimulate the immune response of piglets. Continuous feeding of pigs with high feed intake can produce immune tolerance, so that they are no longer immune to dietary antigens. Response, reduce diarrhea and increase weight gain.   

After weaning from 4 to 5 days to 5 kg, initial feeding should be fed to supplement the insufficient nutrition supply due to weaning and reduce weaning stress (see table below).

raw material  Ingredients(%) raw material  Ingredients(%)
Corn 53 Fish Meal 7
Soybean meal 25 Bone Meal 1
Wheat Bran 10 Salt 0.5
Whey Powder 3 Additive 0.5

Replenishment takes the method of adding less to diligence, and feeds into the tank multiple times a day. It is better to keep the crude protein levels of 5~10kg and 10~25kg piglets at 18%~20% and 16%~18%, but the supply of several restrictive amino acids, especially lysine, must be fully guaranteed.

1.Pay attention to the preparation of piglet feed

① Low-protein diet can reduce the incidence of diarrhea in piglets.   

② High-energy diet can be prepared by adding 3% to 5% fat (vegetable fat). It has a good effect on improving the palatability of diets, increasing piglet weight gain and feed utilization rate.

③ Adding organic acids and acid preparations such as calcium formate to the diet can strengthen the pepsin of piglets 2 weeks after weaning. The amount of acid preparation added to the diet is generally within 0.3% to 0.5%.

④ Compound enzyme preparations containing protease, amylase, pectinase, and cellulase used in piglet diets can strengthen the activity of gastrointestinal enzymes in piglets and help digest complex proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, it is necessary to add appropriate amounts of iron, zinc, copper and other minerals and crude fiber.

Carefully prepare the piglet feed to improve the disease resistance of the piglet, and the piglet can grow healthy and healthy.

2.Processing flow of piglet feed

Price of setting up a pig feed pellet mill feed making plant

Pig Feed Production Processing Line

Capacity:1-100 tons per hour.

Final Product: Pellet feed.

Pellet Size:2.0-3.5 mm.

Dosing System:Manual or Automatic.

Bagging System: Manual or Automatic.

①Cleaning Machine

To ensure GMP cleaning is an important aspect. Different type of cleaner used for this purpose.

②Conveying machine

All transportations like bucket elevator, screw & chain conveyor etc. for conveying RM & Finished goods.

③Grinding machine

Raw materials need to be grinded as 225 m/microne perticle size by pig feed crusher for different type of feed.

④Mixing machine

Different R/M are mixed here with additives, oil/fat, medicines, etc. Good pig feed mixer ensure good quality.

⑤Pelleting machine

Produce final pig pellet feed. A good pellet means "A complete feed" and a good feed pellet making machine can ensure that.

⑥Cooling machine

Extruded feeds are about 70-90° C. Cooler bring down it at normal temperature (+4° max).

⑦Screening machine

To ensure supply of quality and perfect size feed, screener plays a vital role. Uneven sizes screaned-out.

⑧Bagging machine

Ready feed need to be packed. It can be manual or automatic bagging depends on requirement.

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