Several ways to remove mildew from feed

easy way to make poultry feed for growing chickens

1. Exposure method

Spread moldy pellets or lumps of animal feed thinly on a clean cement or lime floor. Turn it frequently, and dry it in strong sunlight for 2-3 days.

2. Roasting method

Put the moldy granular and powdered feed into an iron pan, and roast for about half an hour to remove mold.

3. Peeling method

Use a peeling machine to remove moldy feed ingredients such as corn, beans, wheat, rice, etc., and most molds can be removed.

4. Lime water soaking method

Put the moldy feed into 10% pure lime water and soak for 3-4 days. Rinse repeatedly with clean water and then dry.

5. Vinegar solution soaking method

Break moldy bean cakes, peanut cakes, rapeseed cakes and other cakes into pieces, soak them in 1% vinegar solution for about 12 hours, and then rinse with water twice before drying Just do it.

6. Fermentation and neutralization method

Add water to the moldy feed and stir evenly to make the moisture content around 50%, and then pile it together for natural fermentation for 24 hours, then add 2% plant ash, mix well and neutralize it for two hours, and put it into a bag. Rinse with clean water, filter out the plant ash, and finally pour out the doubled bran, and ferment in the greenhouse for 7 hours.

The feed with serious mildew must be thrown away, otherwise it will not only harm the livestock and poultry, but also leave carcinogens and be harmful to the human body.

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