What kind of raw materials can be pelletized by RICHI biomass energy pellet machine?

To begin with, you should know that pellets can be divided into biomass pellets, animal feed pellets and fertilizer pellets.

Biomass pellets are mainly made from wood materials and crops wastes for burning purpose. Animal feed pellets are manufactured from fodder feedstock such as grain and meal. Fertilizer pellets are mailnly produced from poultry manure or cattle litter (chicken, horse, cow, sheep, etc).

Before making your own pellets, you should firstly find out the suitable raw materials can be processed. We have listed some samples of the produced pellets for your reference. Just feel free to contact us if you need more details, welcome to consult!

biomass wood pellet machine for peanut shellet pellets

Materials Suitable For Making Biomass Pellets By Biomass Energy Sawdust Pellet Machine:


Wood chips

Wood shaving

Pineapple Peel

Grass Powder

Turfgrass Powder


Canola Straw

Chicken Litter

Fresh Grass(such as alfalfa,hemp,hops,miscanthus)

Soybean Stover

Maize Sraw

Moso bamboo

Paper Dust

Peanut Husk

Grain(such as maize)

Pine Sawdust

Rice Bran

Rice Husk

Cat Litter


Coffee husk/coffee grounds

Sunflower seed shell


Coconut shell,etc.

The above materials are included, but not limited to.

RICHI can offer customized 1-40 tph high quality ce biomass pellet mill line solutions and turnkey project plan for not only biomass pellets and feed pellets, but also fertilizer pellets. Welcome to consulting for more details of RICHI low investment high return biomass pellet line.

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