Reasonable choice of animal poultry livestock fish feed hammer mill and improvement of production efficiency

The crushing of feed ingredients is an important part of feed processing. Animal poultry livestock fish cattle chicken feed hammer mill crushers are mainly used to crush feed ingredients and various coarse feeds. The crushed feed can increase the feed surface area and adjust the particle size, improve the uniformity of raw material mixing and other Palatability increases the solubility of feed nutrients in animal digestive juices, enables animals to better absorb feed nutrients, improves digestibility and feed rate of return, and has considerable improvements in transportation, storage, mixing and pelleting. The particle size of the crushed raw materials has a very important impact on the difficulty of subsequent processes (such as granulation, etc.) and the quality of the finished product.

The size of the crushed particle size directly affects the production cost. When producing powdered compound feed, the electrical power of the crushing process The power consumption is about 50% to 70% of the total power consumption. The smaller the pulverized particle size, the better the digestion and absorption of animals and the better the granulation, but at the same time the power consumption will increase accordingly. Therefore, how to make use of the best production state of the pulverizer, reduce production costs, and improve the production level and quality of feed pulverization are important issues related to the efficiency of the entire animal feed line production process.

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1. Reasonable choice of feed crusher machine

There are three types of grinders: roller grinder, hammer feed grinder and claw feed grinder. The counter-roller feed mill is a machine that uses a pair of relatively rotating cylindrical grinding rollers to saw and grind feed. It has the advantages of high productivity, low power, and convenient adjustment. It is mostly used in the wheat flour industry and in the feed processing process. It is used in the first process of secondary crushing operation. Hammer feed mill is a machine that uses high-speed rotating hammers to crush feed. It has the characteristics of simple structure, strong versatility, high productivity and safe use. Claw feed mill is a machine that uses high-speed rotating claws to crush feed. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fine product size, and high working speed.

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(1) Choose according to production capacity

The specification and nameplate of the grinder will contain the rated production capacity (kg/h) of the grinder. The stated rated production capacity refers to the output of the grinder in a specific state, such as a cereal feed grinder. The raw material for crushing is corn, the moisture content is safe storage moisture (about 13%), and the production efficiency when the sieve diameter is 1.2mm. Because corn is a commonly used grain feed, the 1.2mm diameter sieve is the smallest sieve commonly used. At this time, the production capacity is small, which is the maximum production efficiency limit in production. Therefore, the production capacity when choosing a grinder should be slightly greater than the actual production capacity, otherwise it will increase the hammer wear, air leakage, etc., resulting in a decline in production capacity, affecting the safe production of feed and the service life of the feed grinder.

(2) Choose according to the crushing object

Reasonable selection of crushers based on raw materials is an important prerequisite for ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency. In the feed processing process, if crushing grain feed is the mainstay, you can choose a hammer mill with top feed. For crushing bran and cereal feeds, you can choose a claw mill. If you require good versatility, you can choose to crush grains and give consideration to cakes and straws. You can choose a tangential feed hammer mill. For crushing mineral feeds such as shells, you can choose a shell-free sieve grinder. If it is used as a pre-processing of pre-mixed feed, the product size is required to be fine and can be adjusted according to needs. A special sieve-free grinder should be used.

(3) Choose according to the nesting method

There are three ways to output the crushed product through the discharge device, namely, self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical transportation. Small single machines mostly adopt self-weight blanking method to simplify the structure. Most of the medium-sized pulverizers are equipped with a negative pressure suction device. Its advantage is that it can absorb the moisture of the pulverized material, reduce the humidity in the pulverized material to facilitate storage, increase the pulverization efficiency by 10% to 15%, and reduce the dust in the pulverization chamber , While the mechanical conveying method uses a scraper or bucket to convey the crushed materials to the next processing and tempering link.

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(4) Choose according to matching power

The specification and nameplate of the shredder contain the range of power KW of the motor supporting the machine. Depending on the type and strength of the raw materials to be shredded, the required power varies greatly. For example, under the same working conditions, The power of crushing sorghum is twice as high as that of crushing corn. The crushing strength of soybean meal and cotton meal is similar, while the crushing strength of salt is the highest. If a different sieve is used, the load of the crusher will be greatly affected.

(5) Choose based on dust and noise

Most of the dust and noise generated in the processing of feed ingredients come from the grinder. If a grinder with high noise and dust is selected, necessary noise and dust prevention measures should be taken to improve the working environment and reduce pollution and waste. Especially in the production process of aquatic feed, the dust generated during the crushing process of feed materials is more prominent. This is due to the small food intake of aquatic animals, short digestive tract, and poor digestion. It is usually required to pulverize aquatic feed to be finer than that of livestock and poultry feed. The finer the particles, the larger the surface area, and the contact area of ​​the digestive juice of aquatic animals is The larger it is, it can improve the digestibility of feed and increase the feed rate of return. Generally, fish feed should be crushed to a geometric average particle size of 0.5mm or less before pelleting. For example, ordinary freshwater fish meal must pass through a 20-mesh sieve and no more than 30% of the material above a 40-mesh sieve. Feeds such as crab and shrimp must pass 40 mesh. Sieve, 80% pass through 60 mesh sieve, eel and turtle feed are required to pass 60 mesh sieve, 95% pass 80 mesh sieve, so the process of crushing these feeds must do adequate noise and dust prevention work.

2. Improve the production efficiency of the animal feed grinding machine

There are many factors that affect the production efficiency of the crusher. In addition to being directly related to the screen aperture, it is also related to the moisture content of the material, the speed of the crusher, the distribution density of the hammer, the thickness of the hammer, the degree of new and old used, and the difference between the hammer and the The gap size of the screen is related to many factors. The production efficiency of the pulverizer has a great relationship with its suction system, pulverization process design and the shape of the screen mesh. Therefore, these factors should be considered comprehensively during use. It is a relatively simple way to improve the production efficiency of the crusher by changing the shape of the screen mesh and the crushing process.

(1) Mesh hole shape

The more common ordinary horizontal hammer mill, the screen is almost circular. After the material is hit by the hammer at a high speed, the movement direction of most of the material is the tangent direction of the impact point, while most of the ordinary screen mesh holes are punched. Because the screen has a certain thickness and the hammer-screen gap of the micro-pulverizer is small, the particles will inevitably collide with the screen wall and bounce when they exit the screen, causing them to be unable to discharge the screen in time, resulting in low efficiency.

(2) Secondary crushing process

Reasonable process design is also one of the factors to improve the efficiency of the crusher. Generally, the feed processing unit adopts a one-time crushing process, and the crushing particle size is mainly controlled by changing the size of the screen aperture. In the one-time crushing process, according to the crushing rules, there will always be a certain amount of fine powder that has reached the particle size requirement, but due to the failure to discharge the screen in time, it will be crushed multiple times in the crushing chamber, which will increase the load of the crusher. Cause unnecessary efficiency reduction and energy waste.

Therefore, the use of the secondary crushing process will obviously avoid this shortcoming. The secondary crushing process is based on the primary crushing process by adding a coarse crusher. For the vertical crusher that can be used in the primary crushing process, the screen aperture can be larger. After the initial crushing and re-screening, the fine powder that meets the particle size requirements can be directly entered into the next process without the need for secondary crushing. The secondary crusher crushes, and the materials that do not meet the requirements enter the secondary crushing link, which can greatly reduce the load of the single crusher and improve its crushing efficiency. Compared with the primary crushing process, the secondary crushing process has two additional equipments, but it can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce energy consumption by about 25% to 50%. Therefore, this process has been used by many large and medium-sized animal feed mill plants.

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