Processing high quality nutritional rabbit feed pellets with rabbit feed pellet mill machine

1.Rabbit Feed Pellets Made by Rabbit Feed Pellet Mill Machine

Can you feed pellets to rabbits? Made by rabbit feed pellet manufacturing machine, the finished rabbit feed pellet has five essential superiorities. Let me explain it to you!

China rabbit fish feed pellet mill for sale

(1) Good palatability. In the process of processing, the pellets gelatinize the starch and produce a certain fragrance, which can stimulate the appetite of rabbits and increase feed intake by 10%-15%. In addition, rabbits have a rodent behavior and are accustomed to gnawing hard objects and grinding continuously. Teeth, so they like harder and brittle pellets.

(2) High digestibility and utilization rate of feed. Rabbits eat pellets and chew for a long time, which can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and intestinal movement, and improve the digestibility of nutrients in the feed. In addition, the short-term high temperature of pellets can make some beans and grains in the process of pressing. The inactivation of active substances that hinder the digestion and utilization of nutrients, such as antitrypsin factors, can improve the digestibility of feed.

(3) Reduce diseases. In the process of pressing pellets, the high temperature generated can reach 70-100 degrees Celsius, which can kill some parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms; pellet feeds are generally relatively stable, which can avoid the digestive disorders of rabbits caused by frequent feed changes and overcome them. Water-mixed powder will be moldy in summer and freezing in winter. Practice has proved that diarrhea, stomatitis and pica in rabbits fed pellets are significantly reduced.

(4) Reduce feed waste. The pellets have less water content, which can reduce the waste caused by moisture absorption and mildew during the storage of the feed. More importantly, it reduces the waste caused by picky eating or grilling of rabbits. It is determined that feeding pellets can save 15% of feed compared to feeding powder.

(5) High feeding efficiency. It is convenient to feed pellets, and can realize semi-automatic operation with automatic drinking fountain. For example, one feed of pellets can feed rabbits for 1-3 days, or even as long as a week. One breeder can manage hundreds of breeding rabbits and fatten thousands of rabbits, improving work efficiency. In general household farming, a flat die feed pellet machine can be used to produce qualified pellets with low cost.

2.Factory supply Animal rabbit feed pellet machine for sale

animal poultry chicken cow rabbit broiler feed pellet machine price

(1)large rabbit feed pellet mill recommendation

8-12t/h ring die animal rabbit feed pellet mill

10-18t/h rabbit fodder feed pellet making machine

15-25t/h rabbit food pellet making machine

20-30t/h rabbit feed machine

(2)small rabbit feed pellet mill recommendation

flat die rabbit feed pellet making machine

1-2t/h rabbit cattle animal feed pellet machine with manufacturer price

3-4 tons per hour rabbit feed mill machine

5-7t/h small scale rabbit feed pellet production line machine

cat dog rabbit pet animal pellet food making machine cost

3.Rabbit feed pellet

(1)Nutritional Requirement of Raising Rabbit

As we all know, rabbit is a herbivore, thus, many people think rabbit can live easily by feeding them some grasses or carrots. The actual condition is it is not so much easy to raising rabbit. The biggest problem is the nutrition requirements. The nutrition of rabbit depends on their life stage and intended purpose. Majority of rabbits can grow healthy and strongly with a diet where contains 16% of protein. But for the rabbit who is in the suckling period and the newly weaned kits, or baby rabbit, the protein of the diet should be increased to 18%.

(2)Nutritional Requirement of rabbit feed pellet

Besides, not all the grasses or vegetables can be fed as rabbit feed. The usual feed used for raising rabbit consist of five types, including green feed, coarse feed, fine feed, Inorganic salt feed and feed additives. What we usually use for feeding rabbit are the green grasses only like alfalfa, ryegrass, Indian lettuce, Sudan grass etc which are far from enough of nutrition requirements.

The rabbit feed pellet can be made by mixing several kinds of raw materials, such as, grass, vegetables, bran, hay, alfalfa, maize and other necessary matters like limestone, vitamin C, mineral premix etc. You should know the raw material that made into the rabbit feed pellet ingredient of the rabbit feed pellet when you choosing the feed pellet for your rabbit. Due to the changing of nutrition requirement of rabbit in their entirely life, you cannot use one kind of feed pellet for their whole life, you had better change the feed pellet with different raw materials. Well, the best and most convenient way to changing the raw material is making rabbit feed pellet by yourself. Then, buying a rabbit feed pellet mill is the direct way to make rabbit feed pellets.

Recently, rabbit feed pellet becomes the popular choice for rabbit feeder whether on the farm or at home.

4.Why Choose Rabbit Feed Pellet Machine for Rabbit?

(1)Many rabbit feeders see the superiorities of feed pellets to replace the rabbit feed type, even more people begin to make rabbit feed pellets by themselves with rabbit feed pellet mill, which is the best choice for making feed pellet. Here are the reasons why they choose rabbit feed pelleting mill.

(2)Save cost. After pelleting processing, the feed density has increased, thus reducing the storing space, saving the transportation cost. Besides, the feed pellet with uniform shape and length has good fluidity, preventing the adhesion effectively and saving the managing cost.

(3)Continence. Rabbit feed pellet mill for self use is a kind of small feed pellet press, which is deigned with small size and simple structure, is easy to install, operate and maintain, saving the cost.

(4)High return. Due to the comprehensive effect of temperature, moisture and compression, there exists physical and chemical reaction during the pelleting processing, which enhancing the activity of enzyme, to make the rabbit digest easily and grows fast.

Rabbit feed pellet equipment makes feed pellet with mixing several kinds of raw materials together, ensuring the daily nutrition of rabbit, avoiding rabbit becoming picky eater and even killing the bacteria of the rabbit feed.

If you want to make rabbit feed pellets, please contact us for more information about our animal feed pellet mill for rabbit.

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