Operating procedures and precautions for each post in animal cattle feed production

Animal cattle feed production is a continuous livestock feed production process. Any problem in any position during the cattle feed production process will interrupt production or produce a large number of unqualified products, resulting in reduced production efficiency and increased production costs. Therefore, personnel in all positions must be aware of this position The job responsibilities of this position, the scope of equipment, operating procedures, safety regulations, communication matters of this position, and the quality control points of this position in the cattle feed making process. This time we sorted out the responsibilities and procedures of the feeder:

how to set up cattle feed plant

1. Basic conditions for cattle feed making equipment management operation and maintenance personnel

●The cattle feed manufacturing equipment management, operation and maintenance personnel of the feed processing workshop include: workshop directors, monitors, feeders, warehouse workers, grease crushers, pelletizers, central control workers, packing and transportation workers, maintenance workers, etc.

●The personnel engaged in cattle feed processing equipment management, operation and maintenance should have a strong sense of responsibility.

●The above-mentioned personnel should undergo necessary vocational skills training before taking up their posts independently. The training content includes:

①Safety knowledge and basic operation content

②Basic structure and working principle of the cattle feed production equipment

③Operation procedures and maintenance procedures

④General cattle feed equipment failure phenomena and basic diagnosis methods

⑤Equipment management procedures and management content

⑥ Only those who have passed the training assessment and obtained the corresponding vocational skills qualification certificate will be qualified for the job.

●The above-mentioned personnel should have a certain understanding of the characteristics of the cattle feed making equipment they operate, and be able to gradually explore and master the rules of equipment operation, and be proficient in the operation essentials and technical requirements of the equipment. Be able to skillfully perform routine maintenance and maintenance tasks that are responsible by operators and repairers, and be able to use equipment rationally and standardize maintenance equipment.

●Take care of the animal cattle feed manufcturing equipment you operate, and be able to carefully maintain the equipment before, during, and after shifts; be able to detect signs of equipment malfunctions in time and deal with them correctly. Maintenance workers can have a clear understanding of the content of regular inspections and daily inspections of key equipment, and make maintenance plans and prepare maintenance processes and procedures as required.

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2. Job standard of feeder

●Fetch materials in strict accordance with the instructions of the central control room and the designated stacking positions for raw material storage;

●Unqualified cattle feed making raw materials such as mildew, heat, agglomeration, peculiar smell, etc. shall not be put in, and report to the central control room and the monitor of the belt;

●Regular delivery, clean material, no waste;

●The woven bag is not damaged by anyone, and there is no phenomenon of inverted opening;

●The large pieces of raw materials for cattle feed screened out by the grid screen should be crushed and put into use;

●After the empty cattle feed raw material bags are bundled according to the specified number (10 pieces/small bundle, 100 pieces/large bundle), they are placed in the vertical silo;

●After the feeding is completed, clean the bottom of the stack, along the cattle feed line and around the feeding port, to ensure that there are no residual raw materials, and to prevent cross-contamination of different raw materials;

●Make a record of feeding materials carefully;

●Keep the vehicle in good condition and place it neatly in the designated position;

●Clean the raw material site and the dust collector, clean the cloth bag once a week;

●Maintain good on-site sanitation, and the cleaning of related equipment must be cleaned and organized in strict accordance with the requirements, and sanitary tools should be placed and stored neatly.

pilco cattle feed plant floor plan

3. The operating procedures of feeders in each production link

(1) Preparations before booting:

●Verify the type, quantity and warehouse number of the input materials.

●Inform the central control to check whether the positions of the three links, gates and rotary distributor are correct.

●Clean up the debris in the feeding area.

●Check whether the inside of the equipment and various pipes are blocked.

●Whether the magnetic impurities in the permanent magnet cylinder are cleaned up.

●Whether the operating door of the equipment is tightly sealed.

●Whether the transmission part of the machine is normal.

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(2) Boot production:

The principle of system startup: peripheral equipment first, then cattle feed production equipment; auxiliary equipment first, then processing equipment, one after the other.

●It is strictly forbidden to start the cattle feed making machinery with load. After the equipment is running smoothly, the central control informs the feeder before feeding.

●Determine the appropriate cleaning sieve and flow range according to the type, particle size and process regulations of the material.

●After the equipment is started, it must run empty for 2 minutes, and the central control will notify the relevant personnel to observe whether the various parts are working normally, and only if it is normal, can it be fed.

●During the operation, observe whether there is any dust spillage and abnormal noise at any time. If so, it should be shut down for inspection in time, and it can be put into production after removal.

●Check the collection of impurities in the cleaning equipment of cattle feed line at any time, and collect and dispose of the impurities in time.

●The feeding amount should be even and consistent, and should not fluctuate.

●The feeder cleans up the impurities on the fence at any time and stores them at designated locations.

●For the agglomerated material on the fence, it should be mashed in time and put into the material opening.

●As for the block materials that are discharged along with the cleaning and screening, they should be cleaned up in time and put into the crushing bin or collected and processed.

●When changing material types, the feeding site should be cleaned, and the feeding should be done after a period of time to prevent cross-contamination.

●If the machine is blocked, stop feeding immediately, stop the machine in time, remove the accumulated material in the equipment and slide pipe as soon as possible, and then start the machine. The discharged material must be added to the material flow on duty.

●The raw material packaging bags should be shaken cleanly, and the packaging bags should be neatly stacked at fixed points.

●Pay attention to the appearance quality of the cattle feed production raw materials during the feeding process, and it is strictly forbidden to put moldy, fever and other abnormal materials into production.

●Pay attention to the dust condition at the air outlet of the dust collector fan during the feeding process. If the dust concentration is too large, check whether the dust collector bag is intact.

●The warehouse worker cleans the magnetic impurities in the permanent magnet cylinder at least twice in each shift.

●Before shutting down, stop feeding and wait for the system to run for 2 minutes before shutting down.

cattle feed mill equepment

(3) Shutdown and work after shutdown:

●After the feeding is finished, the system should be stopped according to the process flow and in the reverse order of starting. Stop the front road first, then stop the back road; stop the production equipment first, then stop the peripheral equipment.

●After the dust collector fan is turned off, the pulse meter will run for about 5 minutes and then shut down.

●Turn off the main power supply of the system after all equipment in the system is shut down.

●After shutdown, check all machine for cattle feed, especially equipment that has experienced abnormal phenomena during production. If problems are found, they should be repaired in time.

● Arrange the packaging bags and deliver them to the warehouse as required.

●Handle the impurities cleaned up on duty.

●Clean up the magnetic impurities in the permanent magnet cylinder.

●Do a good job of sanitation of the feeding site and equipment.

● Pack the tools and materials, and store them neatly.

cattle feed making manfacturing plant design

4. Safety rules that feeders must follow

●When the system cattle feed making equipment is repaired and inspected, the main power supply of the system must be cut off and a warning sign must be hung up.

●The operating door or cover can be opened only after the machine has been effectively stopped.

●During the cattle feed plant production process, do not open the protective cover of the sprocket at will to prevent accidents.

●Do not use hands or other tools to take samples in the running equipment. Especially bucket elevators and scraper conveyors.

●If a certain cattle feed equipment in the system is blocked, jammed, etc., stop the machine first, then discharge the material, and eliminate the fault after *. It is strictly forbidden to repair or troubleshoot during operation.

●All protective covers on the machine must be intact.

5. Some precautions for feeders

●Pay attention to the quality of the cattle feed raw materials at any time during the feeding process. If the raw materials are found to be deteriorated, the feeding must be stopped immediately and reported to the central control and the team leader for processing.

●After the feeding is finished, the feeding site and the floor materials along the road to the stacking position must be cleaned immediately to prevent cross-contamination with the next feeding raw materials.

●The central control, warehouse watchers, and feeders must communicate in time to prevent the raw materials from being crossed and full.

●It is strictly forbidden to bring materials into the warehouse after the warehouse is blocked, and the phenomenon of cattle food raw material mixing will occur.

●Strictly follow the manufacturing operation regulations to ensure the safety of animal cattle cow feed making equipment and cattle feed raw materials.

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