Correct installation, use and adjustment of cattle feed crushing machine and mixer machine

Vertical 2 in 1 type animal cattle feed mixer and hammer mill

1. Install cattle feed hammer mill crusher machine and cattle feed mixer machine correctly

(1) The animal cattle feed crusher and mixer machine must be fixedly installed, and the axis of the cattle feed hammer mill grinder machine pulley and the power machine pulley should be parallel, and the grooves of the two drive pulleys must be in the same straight line. Otherwise, it will not only accelerate the damage of the parts, but also easily drop the belt.

(2) If the pulley needs to be modified, it must be calculated to meet the needs of the spindle speed of the cattle feed crushing and mixing equipment. Do not increase the spindle speed at will. When it exceeds 15% of the rated speed, the machine will vibrate violently.

(3) The cattle feed making raw materials must be carefully cleaned in advance, and sieved or selected if necessary to prevent iron and stones from entering the machine.

(4) Before each use, open the cover of the shredder to check for damage to various parts of the machine, especially whether the split pin on the rotor is intact and whether the connection is loose. After confirming that it is intact, close the cover firmly and screw in the handwheel on the door. Drag the belt by hand to check whether the moving part is flexible, whether there are abnormal noises and jams.

(5) After the cattle animal feed crusher is started, it needs to run idling for 2-3 minutes, and then gradually add materials after normal operation.

(6) The operator should tighten the cuffs, wear a mask, and it is strictly forbidden to work with gloves; stand on the side of the cattle feed hammer mill grinding machine when feeding materials to prevent rebound debris from hurting the face; when crushing long-stalk crops, do not pinch their hands Tighten, in case the hand is pulled back by the crop and injured.

(7) Feeding should follow the principle of "uniform feeding, small amount and quick feeding", that is, from less to more, until the load is normal, and maintain continuous and uniform to prevent "traffic jam".

(8) If the material inlet is blocked, do not poke with wooden sticks or iron rods to prevent the sticks from being brought into the machine or ejected and hurting people. It is also not allowed to reach into the material inlet to shift the material. You can use a harder The stems push the raw materials into the crushing chamber.

(9) Pay close attention to the operation. If vibration, abnormal noise, blockage or spraying materials are found, shut down immediately for inspection and elimination. It is strictly forbidden to use wooden sticks or hands to forcibly feed or pull materials without stopping to avoid impact Injure the arm or break the machine.

(10) It is strictly forbidden to open the door when the cattle feed grinding equipment is running; the belt drive should be equipped with protective devices; long-term overload operation is forbidden; various tools are not allowed to be placed on the cow feed grinder and materials at will, so as not to fall into the cattle feed grinder and mixer machine; work; Smoking is prohibited in the place, and pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.

(11) The self-made powder bag should be made of fabric with good air permeability, and the length should not be less than 1.5m. If the powder bag is not ventilated or too short, it may cause back spray at the inlet.

(12) Feeding should be stopped before shutting down, and the animal cattle feed grinder hammer mill and mixer machine should be shut down after the materials in the standby are drained. After the operation, dust and lubrication should be timely removed.

animal fodder making machine cattle feed mixer grinder machine for sale

2. The key points of adjustment

(1) There is a gate or baffle in the lower part of the hopper, and the feeding amount can be controlled by adjusting the opening of the gate or baffle. For example, when processing bean cakes, the bean cakes should be crushed first, and the maximum size after crushing should not exceed 40mtn; when processing sweet potato vines, the vines should be chopped first, and the length should not exceed 150mm. By controlling the feeding amount, the work efficiency and crushing quality can be improved, and overload can be avoided.

(2) Generally, cattle feed grinders have two or three screens with different apertures (for example, claw grinders have sieves with apertures of Φ0.6nm, Φ1.2mm, and Φ3.5mm). Change different apertures when using The screen mesh can get different crushing particle size.

When installing the screen, according to the rotation direction of the rotor, the overlap method of the screen joint should be selected correctly, so that the inner interface direction is the same as the rotation direction, so as not to block the material; if the screen hole is tapered, because The small hole end usually has a small amount of burrs. In order to facilitate the discharge, the large hole end should be installed outwards.

(3) The size of the air door can also be adjusted to control the size of the air door when the air pump is installed.

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