Influencing factors of crushing effect of electric grain corn animal feed hammer mill grinder for chicken feed

Crushing is a process that uses mechanical methods to overcome the internal cohesive force of solid materials to split them, that is, mechanically break the materials from large pieces into small pieces.

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1. Crushing method

Crushing grains and cakes and other feeds often use methods such as crushing, grinding,squashing and sawing.

(1) Crushing

It uses many high-speed rotary hammers installed in the crushing chamber to impact the feed and crush it. The main use of this method is the grain corn hammer mill and the claw crusher.

(2) Grinding

Grinding is to use the hard surface with tooth grooves on the two grinding discs to cut and rub the feed to break the feed. The positive pressure is used to squeeze the feed pellets, and the two grinding discs have relative motion, so there is a frictional effect on the feed pellets. It is made into a disc shape or a cone shape. This method is only used for processing dry and oil-free feed. It can be ground into various types of finished products, but it contains a lot of powder and the feed temperature is higher. The manufacturing cost is lower and the power required is less, but the iron content in the finished product is relatively high, so it is currently used less.

(3) Squashing

Two rollers with smooth surfaces are used to rotate relative to each other at the same speed, and the processed feed is broken under the action of pressure and friction on the working surface. This method cannot sufficiently crush the feed, and is less used. It is used to flatten flake feed such as oats.

(4)Chop saws

Two pairs of rollers with teeth on the surface and different speeds are used to cut the feed. The counter rollers with sharp cutting angles on the working surface are suitable for making flour, crushing grain feed and particle crushing. Various finished products with different particle sizes can be obtained. There is very little powder, so it is not suitable to crush feed with oil and humidity greater than 18%, otherwise it will block the groove teeth and heat the feed.

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2. How to choose the crushing method?

(1) For hard materials, crushing and crushing methods are effective;

(2) Grinding is better for tough materials, and sawing for brittle materials;

(3) Grain feed crushing is better to crushing and sawing;

(4) For materials with a lot of fiber, such as hulling, disc mill is better.

According to the physical and mechanical properties of the material, the correct selection of the crushing method is of practical significance for improving the crushing efficiency and saving energy.

3. Factors affecting the crushing effect of corn grinding hammer mill machine for chicken feed 

(1) Diameter of sieve hole. The finer the pulverization, the more energy consumption is. Enlarging the mesh size can not only save energy, but also increase output and productivity. According to my country's standards, the sieve hole diameter is divided into four grades, small holes 1-2mm, medium holes 3-4mm, coarse holes 5-6mm, and large holes 8mm.

(2) Screen surface area. The opening rate increases with the increase of the screen hole diameter, and decreases with the increase of the screen hole distance. The larger the opening rate, the larger the crushing efficiency and productivity. Therefore, when selecting sieves, sieves with larger holes and smaller pitches should be selected on the premise of meeting the feed particle size standards required for feeding. But it should be noted that if the hole distance is too small, the strength and rigidity of the screen will be insufficient, and the screen will be easily damaged. Large holes have occurred. The opening rate of foreign crusher screens has reached more than 45%, and domestically it is generally about 30%.

(3) Humidity. The crushing efficiency is inversely proportional to the humidity of the material. When the humidity is higher than 12-14%, the energy required for crushing increases.

(4) Linear speed at the end of the hammer For different materials, the best linear speed is different. The linear velocity at the end of the hammer is directly proportional to the pulverization fineness.

(5) The thickness of the hammer, the hammer is too thick and the crushing efficiency is not high. However, due to the large size of the hammer, the large-scale crusher still uses a 5mm thick hammer.

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(6) The number of hammers and their arrangement. When the number of hammers increases, the no-load energy consumption increases. Under the same other conditions, the crushing particle size becomes finer and the output decreases.

(7) Hammer screen gap, which directly determines the thickness of materials in the crushing chamber. The material layer is too thick. The friction and crushing effect is weakened, and the powder may block the sieve holes, making it difficult to pass through the sieve holes. The material layer is too thin and the material is too easy to perforate, which will affect the crushing particle size.

(8) Grain types

(9) The position of the feed inlet has two types: central feed and tangential feed. The central feed reduces the productivity by 20%. When tangential feed, the material will directly fall into the maximum speed zone of the hammer with the airflow.

(10) Feeding speed, small load, low output, large energy consumption, excessive load, high output, but the life of the crusher will be shortened.

(11) The air flow in the crusher should be sucked for long-term continuous operation of the poultry chicken fodder crusher to avoid blocking the screen holes.

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