How to solve the problem of dust removal difficulty and easy blocking of the dust collector in animal feed making plant?

How to solve the problem of dust removal difficulty and easy blocking of the dust collector in animal feed making plant?The dust collector is difficult and easy to block. Why do you have such a question? According to our conclusion, it is mostly because the nature of the dust was not fully considered before the planning, and the high filtration wind speed was blindly selected to reduce the investment of the equipment. To choose a good bag filter first, it is necessary to correctly understand and understand the connection between the dust power and the filter wind speed, the dust removal function, and the filter resistance.

Manufacture Suppy for Animal Chicken Cattle Feed Production Line

3 Types of dust removal equipment can be used in animal feed processing line

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(2)TBLM Series High Pressure Jet Filter Dust Collector

(3)Pulse Dust Collector with Factory Price

Among the several parameters of the dust collector, the filtration wind speed is the most important, and the first thing to know is the nature of the dust-containing gas and dust:

1. Know the bulk density or bulk density of dust, that is, the amount of dust per unit volume. The unit volume in between includes the volume of the dust particles, the micropores of the dust particles adsorbed on the surface of the dust particles, the air volume, and the space between the dust particles. Clarifying the bulk density of dust is of great significance for ventilation and dust removal, because it is closely related to the dust removal function of dust.

2. Know the chemical and physical properties of dusty gas, such as moisture content, temperature, chemical composition and properties. The determination of these parameters is directly related to the selection of additional disposal methods for dust removal and filtration wind speed. If some dust-containing gas is rich in chemical components such as chlorides, chlorides are usually easy to "absorb moisture". If no additional measures are adopted, the dust bag can be "sticky".

3. Know the particle size distribution of dust. The particle size of dust is its fundamental characteristic. It is a composition composed of particles of various sizes. It is not feasible to use a uniform particle size to characterize this aggregate.

4. Know the viscosity of dust. Viscosity is a characteristic that attracts each other between dust or between dust and the surface molecules of an object. For the bag filter, the effect of viscosity is more outstanding, because the dust removal power and filter resistance largely depend on the ability to remove dust from the filter material.

Machinery for animal chicken cattle fish feeds production line

In addition to the dust collector, what other main equipment is needed for the animal feed producing line?

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