How to optimize laying hens feed formula?

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1. Choose high-quality chicken feed raw materials with sufficient local supply and stable quality

The first requirement of formula design is to make full use of local resources, achieve cost savings, ensure the stability of formula quality and the continuity of formulas.

2. Comprehensively consider the factors affecting nutrition standards and choose a reasonable egg-to-energy ratio

According to the breeding situation of laying hens, comprehensive consideration of various factors and external factors, in the process of formula design, refer to the nutritional standards and the characteristics of the nutritional composition of various raw materials, select a reasonable egg-to-energy ratio to achieve the best nutritional structure and the lowest feed breeding cost .

3. Use ideal protein and amino acid models for optimization

The absorption of protein by laying hens is actually the absorption and utilization of amino acids. Therefore, in the process of formula design, according to the nutritional standards provided by laying hen breeding farms, the composition of amino acids in feed materials should be designed with digestible amino acids as Establish an ideal amino acid model at each stage of laying hens. Reduce nitrogen source emissions in layer manure, feed waste and increase in feed-to-egg ratio, reduce the ammonia concentration in the breeding environment, improve the breeding environment, and ensure the health of the layers.

4. Optimize the formula in time according to the feeding stage of laying hens and changes in the external environment

The nutritional requirements of laying hens at different stages are different, and changes in the external environment also affect the nutritional requirements of laying hens. Therefore, in the formulation design process, the formulator should take into account the changes in the external environment (seasonal changes, seasonal changes, Stress condition), fine-tuned optimization and adjustment of the formula.

5. Combining nutrition and feed hygiene for formula optimization

In the formulation design process, the formulator should fully grasp the basic nutritional indicators of the feed ingredients, and at the same time, the hygienic indicators should also be certified and analyzed, and the raw materials with qualified hygienic indicators should be used as much as possible, and the nutritional indicators should be converted into the nutritional indicators for the concessionary raw materials to optimize the formulation design . If there are unqualified stock raw materials with sanitary indicators, detoxification and certain technical treatments should be carried out during the formulation design process, and limited use should be carried out without affecting the product effect.

6. Fully consider the price changes of feed ingredients to adjust the feed formula

The formula design should fully consider the reasonable nutritional indicators and the lowest cost. Therefore, when the price of feed ingredients fluctuates, the formulator should adjust and optimize the formula in time to improve economic efficiency.

7.The design formula must fully consider the bulk density of the egg laying feed

The formula design should fully consider the characteristics of the digestive feed of different breeds of laying hens, select reasonable bulk weight feed materials for formula design, ensure that the physical and chemical satiety of the laying hens are synchronized, fully improve the digestion and absorption efficiency of the feed, and reduce the feed-to-egg ratio.

8.The market should consider the different requirements of egg quality for formula design

Different markets have different egg quality requirements, and different egg quality requirements have different feed nutrition standards, including the choice of functional raw materials. Therefore, formulators should determine formula design standards and formula design according to different market requirements.

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