Common rabbit feed ingredients and formulas

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1. Commonly used rabbit feed ingredients

(1) Green feed

The green fodder eaten by rabbits includes leguminous forages, gramineous forages, leafy vegetables, rhizomes, etc., such as alfalfa, clover, ryegrass, bittersweet, sweet potato, agglomerate, pine herb and weeds, leaves, etc.

(2) Coarse feed

Roughage mainly includes green hay (grass, legumes and other green hay) and husks (rice straw, bean straw, corn stalk, etc.) straw. It is characterized by low water content, high crude fiber content, less digestible substances, poor palatability, and low digestibility. However, it has a wide source, large quantity and low price. It is one of the indispensable raw materials in rabbit feed. It is generally used in diets. The proportion is about 30%. Among them, green hay is fragrant and has good palatability, so it should be used as the main coarse feed for family rabbits; if it is fed with shells, it will be crushed and mixed with other concentrates to make pellets for feeding.

(3) Concentrated feed

Concentrated feed mainly includes energy feed and protein feed. Energy feed mainly includes corn, barley, rice, wheat bran, etc. It has rich starch content, good palatability, high digestibility, low crude fiber content, low protein content, more phosphorus and sulfur, less calcium, and incomplete vitamin content. Protein feed mainly includes plant protein feed and animal protein feed.

Vegetable protein feed (such as soybean, soybean meal, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cotton meal, etc.) is rich in protein content, balanced in amino acids, relatively comprehensive in nutrition, has a lot of fat, vitamin E and vitamin B, smells and fragrant, good palatability, generally in the diet It accounts for 20%-40% (the rapeseed cake contains mustard, bitter and spicy, and the proportion in the mixture should generally be controlled at about 5%) animal protein feed (such as fish meal, silkworm pupa, bone and meat meal) ,etc.

High protein content, more essential amino acids, especially rich content of lysine, methionine and tryptophan, more vitamins and inorganic salts, commonly used protein supplement feed. Fish meal is often used to adjust and supplement certain essential amino acids, and the proportion in the mixture is generally controlled at about 3%. The nutritional value of feed yeast is close to that of fish meal, and the amount in the rabbit diet is 2%-5%.

(4) Inorganic salt feed

Inorganic salt feed mainly refers to table salt, bone meal, stone meal, etc. Table salt is an important source of sodium and chlorine, and its dosage generally accounts for 0.3%-0.5% of the dry diet. Table salt can be mixed into concentrate or dissolved in water for rabbits to drink. When raising rabbits at home, bone meal can be self-made. The bones of livestock and poultry can be steamed under high pressure for 1.0-1.5 hours, broken up and dried. The feeding amount can account for 2%-3% of the diet. Stone powder is the most economical calcium supplement in rabbit diets. Shell powder is also a cheap calcium supplement, and calcium hydrogen phosphate is a calcium and phosphorus supplement.

2. Rabbit feed formula

(1) Feed formula for young rabbits

① Cornmeal 40%, bran 20%, rice bran 10%, bean cake 11%, fish meal 7%, bone meal 3%, salt and trace element additives 0.5% each.

② Corn flour 40%, sorghum flour 10%, bean cake 10%, rice flour 10%, fish meal 6%, bone meal 3%, trace element additives, table salt 1% each.

③ 45% of corn flour, 25% of wheat flour, 15% of bean cake, 4% of bran, 7% of fish meal, 3% of bone meal, 0.5% of trace element additives and salt.

(2) Feed formula for adolescent rabbits

① Cornmeal 50%, bran 20%, rice bran 5%, bean cake 15%, fish meal 5%, bone meal 4%, salt and trace element additives 0.5% each.

② Corn flour 45%, sorghum flour 10%, bean cake flour 10%, bran 10%, rice bran 10%, fish meal 10%, bone meal 3%, trace element additives, salt 1% each, plus appropriate amount of vitamins and trace elements .

③ 47% corn flour, 20% wheat flour, 10% bean cake, 10% bran, 5% fish meal, 2% bone meal, 5% vegetable, 0.5% each of trace element additives and salt.

(3) Rabbit feed formula during fattening period

① Cornmeal 50%, bran 20%, rice bran 10%, bean cake 15%, fish meal 2%, bone meal 2%, salt and trace element additives 0.5% each.

② Cornmeal 60%, bean cake 10%, peanut cake 9%, rice bran 10%, fish meal 10%, bone meal 1%, multivitamin 5g, zinc sulfate 10g, copper sulfate 15g.

③ 40% corn flour, 10% sorghum flour, 10% bran, 15% rice bran, 10% fresh fish meal, 1% salt, and 4% bone meal.

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