How to design the trough of a pig farm to avoid feeding troubles?

Many pig farms use long cement floor troughs, which are our most common, with relatively low investment, and there is no problem in using such troughs to feed dry or wet feeds. However, the construction of this trough is exquisite. The principle is to prevent pigs from arching the feed. The width of the trough is generally 35 cm, and the height of the inner and outer edges is different. The periphery is generally around 20 cm, and the inside is generally slightly lower than the outside by 2 to 3 cm. The inner side of the trough is lower in order to facilitate the pig's mouth to reach in and eat the feed, and the outer edge is 2 to 3 cm higher to prevent the pig from arching the feed.

The placement of the trough is also particular. One-third of the width is outside the pigsty. Feeding is very convenient, and the gap between the vertical pen and the trough is very small, which can prevent pigs from arching. In this way, the lower jaw of the pig head can be inserted into the trough to eat the material, and the feed in the trough can be eaten as clean as possible.     

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Pigs like to hunch, and they like to grab food when they eat. This grab is more likely to waste feed, and if you feed it quantitatively, it is possible that the strong ones will eat more, while the weak ones will not eat enough, resulting in uneven growth. Therefore, pay attention to the density of pigs in a pen when building the trough. Ensure that each pig can occupy its own position and let them fight as little as possible.    

In general, empty pregnant sows are raised, about 4 to 6 in a captive. If two boars are raised together, they must fight, so each pen can only raise one boar. If raising pigs from nursery to growth and fattening, usually 8 to 10 pigs, the size of the trough is determined according to the number of pigs raised in different pens. The construction and use of floor cement troughs are convenient, and the cost is low, but for small Pigs are not very suitable.     

After weaning, the piglets are moved from the farrowing bed to the nursery room, where they will live for more than a month. Since the digestive system of the piglets is not well developed after weaning, the feed intake is relatively small each time, and this period is the key period for their growth, so in feeding, the piglets are generally allowed to eat freely. Eat whenever you want. Moreover, during this period, the piglet was very curious, often eating and playing with it, which would easily cause waste. Therefore, for the piglets in the nursery period, a semi-automatic feeding trough is prepared. The design is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The feed is put in from the top, and the pigs eat the feed from the trough below. When eating, the front is blocked by the feed box, so it is not easy to arch the feed. In this way, the growth and development needs of the piglets can be ensured, and the habit of free feeding of the piglets can also be met.      

After the sows are pregnant, they must move into the positioning pen and enjoy the treatment of a single room. There is a trough for each pig, and a baffle is installed in the middle, so there is no need to worry about the pigs arching out the feed.

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