How to disinfect the pig farm?

At present, most pig farms have realized automatic breeding, and further promote the development of breeding equipment, especially in the disinfection of pig farms. The traditional disinfection method of pig farms is to use pure artificial warm water to ensure the cleanliness of the pig farm. Low efficiency and incomplete disinfection, and the emergence of disinfection equipment has solved these drawbacks. Among them, the ground washing spray disinfector and flame disinfector are the two most commonly used disinfection equipment in pig farms. The working principle and advantages of the above two disinfection equipment are described in detail below.

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1. Ground washing spray disinfection machine 

The working principle of this kind of disinfection equipment is that the diesel motor drives the piston and the diaphragm to reciprocate, and the clean water or liquid is first sucked into the pump chamber, and then pressurized and discharged through the spray gun. The machine has a working pressure of 15-20kg/cm2, a flow rate of 20L/min, and a washing range of 12-14m. It is one of the most commonly used disinfection equipment in pig farm cleaning. The main advantages of this kind of disinfection equipment are:

(1) High-pressure flushing spray, flushing thoroughly, saving water and liquid medicine.

(2) The spray gun is adjustable, which can be used for washing and spraying.

(3) The piston diaphragm pump is reliable and durable.

(4) Small size, flexible maneuverability and convenient operation.

(5) High work efficiency and labor saving.

2. Flame sterilizer

The sterilization rate of pig farms with a single medicine is only 84%, which is far below the 95% sterilization rate of pig farms. Therefore, many pig farms will use both drugs to kill viruses, which increases the workload and cost input. At the same time, it will cause a large amount of drug residues, and the flame sterilizer overcomes this weakness of drug disinfection. The flame sterilizer uses kerosene high-temperature atomization, violently burns to produce a high-temperature flame, and instantly burns and sweeps the pig pens, troughs and other equipment in the house and the surface of the building to achieve the purpose of disinfection and purification of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The main advantages of this kind of disinfection equipment are:

(1) The sterilization rate is as high as 97%.

(2) Convenient operation, high efficiency, low consumption and low cost.

(3) After disinfection, the equipment and barn are dry and there is no liquid residue. 

The above are the working principles and advantages of the two kinds of disinfection equipment cleaning in the pig farm. RICHI hope it can bring certain help to the pig farmers.

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