How to Select Your China Supplier Offer Good Quality Biomass Wood Pellet Mill?

How to Select China Supplier Offer Good Quality Biomass Wood Pellet Mill?Hot selling good quality wood pellet mill,ce certificated good stability wood pellet mill for sale,China professional factory offered high quality wood pellet machine,professional design biomass wood pellet mill machine...

These are the contents that customers will search when they are looking for granulation, high quality, hot selling, factory offered, new design, on line support, good price, ce certificated, automatic, from these words, we can see that customers want to buy The expectation of the machine: The customer hopes that the equipment they buy is very hot. After all, the equipment purchased by many people must not be too bad; the quality of the equipment that the customer wants to buy is better, otherwise it will affect the production schedule and cause economic losses; the equipment the customer wants to buy It is directly sold by the manufacturer, not a third party like a foreign trade company, otherwise the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, and a higher fee will be paid to the foreign trade company. In contrast, buying directly from equipment manufacturers will greatly reduce equipment costs; customers want to the equipment purchased has CE, ISO and other product qualifications, so that you can save a lot of trouble...

5 ton per hour complete wood pellet plant for sale

As a flat die and ring die biomass wood pellet mill supplier,we know very well what our customers need.

1.Types of RICHI biomass pellet mill

We all know that there are many different types and designs of pellet mill, and different types of pellet mill has different feature and operating principle. Among them, the main types of pellet mill are the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mills.

(1)Flat die biomass pellet machine

low investment high return wood pellet machine


The flat die wood straw pellet machine is simple in structure and has the wide processing range, like the hardwood, pinewood, peanut shell, and all the biomass raw material what we can find can be compressed into the pellet without any additive. Because of the automatic regulating function of the pressing wheel, the material will be not crowded, that can ensure the stability of molding.

②Working principle

There are many holes on the flat die surface, when the material fall on the surface, the roller will begin to running, and the material will be pressed into the die holes, then the material will be compressed into the cylindrical object and come out from the bottom of the holes. After that, the cutter will cut the cylindrical object into the pellet.

③Some cases of flat die granulator machine of Richi Machinery

Bahrain 100-150kg/h flat die wood pellet machine for fuel (raw material: hard wood)

Bolivia 400-500kg/h small flat die granulator (raw material: rice husk)

Gambia 800-1000kg/h home use wood pellet mill (raw material: wood sawdust)

Uganda 500kg flat die granulator pellet machine (raw material: hard wood)

German coffee husk pellet machine (raw material: coffee husk)

Philippines 500kg/h small flat die wood biomass pellet machine (raw material: hard wood)

Sri Lanka flat die straw pellet machine (Raw material: rice straw)

Oman 150B flat die wood granulator machine (raw material: pine wood)

Cyprus small fertilizer pellet machine (raw material: organic fertilizer)

Lebanon flat die Granulator (Raw material: wood chips)

Pakistan flat die wood dust pellet machine (Raw material: wood sawdust)

UAE flat die press pellet machine (Raw material: corn straw)

Qatar FDF260 small flat die granulator (raw material: peanut shell)

(2)Ring die pellet mill machine

China professional wood pellet line for pine waste


The main feature of the ring die pellet mill is that, the high efficient and the low power consumption. The ring die and the all the line of the roller has the same speed, and there is not additional friction. All the pressure are used to make pellet, therefore, the rind die pellet mill has the higher efficient.

②Working principle

The ring die pellet mill has two to four roller and driven roller , and the rind die is a cylinder with many holes. When the material be putted into the ring die pellet mill workplace, the rollers in the cylinder will press the material into the holes, and then, the material will be squeezed out from the cylinder, and the cutter will cut them into the cylindrical pellet.

③Some cases of China best price ring die biomass wood pellet machine of Richi Machienry

America high quality wood pellet mill (raw material: wood sawdust)

Canada biomass pellet mill for wood pellet making (raw material: wood waste)

Dutch ce iso wood pellet mill plant for biomass (raw material: birch wood)

Austria ce agriculture waste biomass wood pellet mill machine (raw material: agriculture waste)

Ukraine China factory offered pellet machine(raw material: agricultural waste)

Romania wood pelletizing machine (raw material: acacia sawdust)

Albania straw wood pellet machine(raw material: alfalfa lucerne grass straw hay)

Slovakia biomass sawdust pellet mill (raw material: sawdust)

Indonesia efb wood pellet mill (raw material: efb)

Mexico MZLH520 ring die sawdust pellet machine (raw material: hard wood)

Trinidad and Tobago new wood pellet mill for rice husk (raw material: corn straw,rice husk)

2.How to select good quality biomass wood pellet mill

(1)Type. Now, we know the main types of the pellet mill, they are ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. The ring die pellet mill has high efficiency, and the finished pellet has high hardness. But, the manufacturing process of ring die pellet mill is complex, so the cost is higher than the flat die pellet mill. Contrary, the flat pellet mill is simple in the structure, and maintained convenient, but the efficiency is lower than the ring die pellet mill. Comparatively speaking, the ring die pellet mill is fit for the large and the middle plant, and the flat die pellet mill is fit for the small-sized producing.

(2)Appearance quality. The spray lacquer in the surface of the pellet mill should balance and fastness, and there is no leakage of paint. The part which used the stainless steel should has the smooth surface, and no knock against scratches.

Flat die pellet mill should mainly check the cutter's quality, and the ring die pellet mill should check the roller bracket and the roller's fastening situation.

(3)Security checks. To avoid the foreign matters go into the ring die pellet mill to damage the machine, there is a security linkage device in on the main shaft. If the foreign matters enter the ring die, the resistance of main shaft will increase rapidly, and the safety cock will break off. Then, the convex side of the clutch will touch a shafting fork of the limit switch, and shut off the power supply of the main shaft motor, ensure the pellet mill can't be damaged. So, when select the ring die pellet mill, you should check that if the convex side of the clutch can touch the shafting fork of the limit switch or not. If can't touch then don't buy it.

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If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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