How can pig farm management be done to maximize profit?

how much pellets to feed pig

1. Do a good job in tapping the potential internally to promote revenue growth and lower expenditures

Prepare pig feed making formulas according to different pig herds to prevent big pigs from eating small pig feed and cause waste, and it is not allowed to use fattening pig feed to feed reserve breeding pigs, so as not to affect normal breeding; use drugs on the basis of drug sensitivity test to prevent Indiscriminate use of drugs brings waste; while immunizing with attenuated vaccines, antibiotics cannot be used, which not only fails to achieve the purpose of immunization, but also causes the waste of vaccines; try to reduce the waste caused by raising worthless pigs; timely release to avoid fattening pigs Excessive weight leads to waste of feed; long-term adherence to rodent control to prevent feed waste caused by spreading diseases and stealing feed; eliminate man-made feed waste, etc.  

2. Take measures to reduce pig production costs 

The pig feed cost of a large-scale pig farm generally accounts for about 70%-75% of the cost of raising pigs. It has a great potential for tapping. It is advisable to choose the "maintenance period" feed formula during the period of meager profit or loss. The purpose of raising pigs is not to pursue the highest production performance, but to obtain the greatest economic benefits.

After pigs weighing 25kg, the males and females are raised separately; the nutrition supply standard for finishing pigs is adjusted, that is, the crude protein of the pigs in the early stage (60-80kg) is reduced by 0.5%, and the crude protein of the pigs in the later stage (80-100kg) is reduced by 0.5 %-1% to reduce feeding costs. Be careful not to adopt low-nutrition and restrictive feeding methods to prevent health problems. 

3. Grasp the breeding and management of breeding pigs  

Timely weed out breeding pigs with poor production performance. In addition to the normal elimination, we will eliminate the sows whose production performance is not satisfactory and do not meet the elimination standards as soon as possible, reduce the stock, do not raise free pigs, and do not raise incompetent pigs, and at the same time supplement excellent reserve sows to welcome the next The arrival of the peak period.

Control the non-productive days of sows. The number of days that any sow that is producing sows and pigs beyond the mating age (generally set at 230 days of age) is not pregnant or breastfeeding is called non-productive days. According to calculations, for every additional day of non-production days, each sow will reduce its income by 19.62 yuan, and for a 10,000-head farm with 600 sows, it will lose 11,772 yuan a day. Using artificial insemination technology to reduce the cost of raising boars. 

4. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and disease elimination

Seriously do a good job in disinfection and elimination of sources. The main sources of infection in the pig farm are: sick pigs, sub-healthy pigs, pig excrement and pollutants, personnel, vehicles, visitors, imported breeding pigs, wild animals, production tools, etc., disinfection work should be done to prevent epidemics occur.  

Treat pigs that are in poor health immediately. Poorly healthy pigs grow slowly, have a lower feed-to-meat ratio, and are prone to disease and become a source of infection. They should be eliminated quickly. Pay attention to health care to ensure the health of pigs. According to the actual situation of the field, the immunization program is formulated on the basis of antibody monitoring, and pigs at all stages are dewormed and drug prevention is carried out on related diseases on a regular basis.

5. Pay great attention to the harm of mycotoxins in pig feed  

Mycotoxins can cause immunosuppression in pigs, which is more harmful and should be taken seriously. Mycotoxin usual prevention: add in the whole field, regardless of winter and summer; add in the first half of the month, stop in the second half; add in batches (add once, add no once); always add preventive amounts to the sow feed Toxin adsorbent, especially in sow feed during pregnancy and lactation should be added.

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