Common glitches and solutions for cattle cow feed grinder hammer mill machine control

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1.The cattle cow feed crusher does not open the control system trip, trip as soon as it opens.

First, tripping is caused by a short circuit.The cattle feed crushing machine does not open tripping, but on opening tripping shows that the short circuit is caused by the vibration of the crusher after power on.So this kind of fault is likely to be because the door protection or positive and negative travel switch wire broken or loose wiring, due to boot vibration caused by short circuit to produce the control system trip.

2. In the process of starting the industrial electric cattle feed corn mill grinder, it will stop suddenly sometimes and start again.

This situation should be analyzed from the working principle of the cow feed hammer mill machine.The cattle feed grinder can be started indicating normal control.However, the machine will stop suddenly sometimes during the startup process, indicating that this phenomenon is still caused by the vibration of the pulverizer after startup.The reason for the failure and the solution are still referred to solution 1.

3.The current of the cattle feed grinding equipment fluctuates, feeding is very unstable.

The current is the size of the equipment load.The fluctuation of the current indicates that there is something wrong with the feeding, but the feeding frequency is constant, indicating that the feeding quantity is constant.Then why the current ups and downs, and then think from the depth, because the grinder is a special equipment, it can be positive and negative rotation control.So this kind of problem is because the direction of the pulverizer feed is not consistent with the direction of the cow feed pulverizer operation.

4. There are many materials in the feeding port or crushing chamber of the stable design animal feed grinder for cattle feed.

(1) It is possible that the hammer blade clearance adjustment is unreasonable for the feed nozzle of the crusher.The main reason is that the gap of the hammer is too large, which leads to the pulverizer's spraying material;

(2) Another reason is that the feeding direction of the cattle feed pulverizer is not consistent with the running direction of the crusher.When the direction is opposite, the crusher hammer will collide with the material, which will make some of the material come back out. After a long time, there will be a lot of material accumulated in the crushing chamber.

5. The electric cattle feed grinder starts the star contactor suction, but the positive and negative main contactor does not suction.

Mainly because of the field positive and negative turn travel switch and control cabinet on the positive and negative turn switch is inconsistent, or the field or positive turn travel switch is not pressed and damaged.

6. Low yield of cattle feed grinding machine

(1) Check whether the pulverizer reaches the rated current;

(2) Check whether the assembly of equipment is reasonable;

(3) Check whether the crushing feed direction is consistent with the direction of the guide plate;

(4) Whether the air volume of the fan configured in the crushing system meets the requirements

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