CE verified rotary grading screen equipment for animal feed production plant

CE verified rotary grading screen equipment for animal feed production plant is a kind of cleaning equipment. Its main function is to divide materials into different grades according to different particle sizes. Based on this, it is inferred that the grading screener is generally a multi-layered screen. At present, there are two most commonly used models in china supply feed mills: one is vibrating screen; the other is flat rotary screen. The plane rotary screen is favored by many animal feed mill plants  because of its good classification effect.

Richi Machinery produce sieves of several models, they are used to remove the dust from the pellet before packing it or before bulk delivery.

rotary grading screen

1. The structure of the rotary classifying screen

The rotary grading screen is mainly named because of its low failure rate. It is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission device, a screen box (elastic support), and a tie rod. The inlet and outlet are designed to have a self-flow inclination angle of 4°. The screen box is generally equipped with two layers of screens with different apertures, and each layer of screens is equipped with a considerable number of elastic balls. These elastic balls jump when the grading screen works to achieve the purpose of cleaning the screen area. Its basic characteristics are not fundamentally different from the gear screen drive. Gear sieve transmission often has drawbacks such as oil leakage and gear wear, eccentric shaft damage to graphite hemisphere wear, etc. Ruiqi developed a new type of rotary grading sieve to avoid the shortcomings of gear sieve, and changed the gear transmission to belt transmission. The compression sleeve is a coupling, and the sliding hemisphere support rod control is changed to an elastic plate support control. Thereby greatly reducing the failure rate.

2. The working principle of the grading screen:

The raw material enters the screen from the feed port at the upper end, and the material is dispersed horizontally by the dividing plate, and then the eccentric circular motion generated by the transmission screen and the linear reciprocating motion generated by the elastic plate at the bottom plus the self-flow of the material due to the inclination angle Function, circular motion, elliptical motion, and linear motion from top to bottom. The raw materials are effectively screened through this movement process. At the same time, the pinball vigorously beats, continuously cleaning the screen surface and the accumulation of the screen hole to ensure the unobstructed rate of the screen hole, so as to achieve effective screening. Users can choose the required screen mesh according to their own needs to obtain the ideal product.

3.Technical characteristics of our sieves:

(1)Frame made of alloy section bars, with appropriate dimensions.

(2)Vibrating case made for the correct screening of the product and for the installation of screens their tension devices.

(3)Discharging opening with two different outlets: one for the sieved pellet and one for dust.

(4)Elastic components determined by helical spring that enable the correct functioning of the sieve.

(5)Vibrating unit made of two of vibrating motors with adjustable eccentric mass to change the vibrating movement.


(1)If required the machine can be supplied with building specification observing ATEX Ex II 3D regulations.

(2)Discharging opening with three outlets.

5.Beside the sieves, following machines are in an animal feed pelleting line production:

(1)Animal feed pellet mill making machine

(2)Feed pellet crumblers

(3)Pellet cooling machine

6. Possible failures

Although the design of the rotary grading screen is unique and its failure rate is greatly reduced, there are still some common failures.

(1) Serious shortage of output

Reasons: The moisture content of the material is too high; the mesh does not meet the requirements; the triangle belt is too loose; the pinball is worn.

Remedy: reduce the moisture of the material; replace the screen; tighten the triangle belt; replace the pinball.

(2) The screen body vibrates strongly

Reason: The direction of the eccentric shaft and the balance weight is wrong; the bearing is damaged; the feeding amount is too large.

Remedy: reinstall to make it symmetrical; replace the bearing; reduce the amount of feed.

(3) Cracking of the welding part of the screen body

Reason: weak welding; unqualified material.

Remedy: re-welding; replacement or strengthening.

(4) Fracture of elastic plate

Reasons: overuse; substandard quality.

Remedy: replace.

7. Maintenance and maintenance of rotary grading screener

(1) Operate strictly in accordance with the operating method, and perform necessary inspection and cleaning work in each shift.

(2) The transmission part of the V-belt should be checked frequently for looseness, wear and proper tension.

(3) Grease should be injected into each bearing regularly.

(4) Regularly check whether the components are loose and whether the elastic ball is seriously worn.

(5) Regularly check whether the elastic plate is fatigued and cracked.

(6) If the sound is found to be abnormal, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately, and it can be put into use after troubleshooting.

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