You should pay attention to the environment of the layer house

1. Chicken house temperature

The temperature of the layer house should be kept between 13~23℃. The minimum temperature in winter should not be lower than 8℃, and the highest temperature in summer should not exceed 28℃. If these two temperature values ​​are exceeded, laying hens will There is a significant drop in egg production, and it will greatly affect the quality of eggs. The chicken farmer must know that the temperature of the chicken house can affect the egg production of the laying hens. If the chicken house changes suddenly, it will cause the stress response of the laying hens. Destroy the normal immune mechanism of the layer, and ultimately reduce the disease resistance of the layer.

For breeding males, low temperature inhibits the growth of male testicles and prolongs the sperm production time of adult males. The continuous high temperature will cause the temperature of the cock’s testicles to increase, degenerate the reproductive epithelium, and produce abnormal sperm, which will significantly reduce the quality of semen. Therefore, in order to control the temperature of the chicken house, the chicken farmers should use the floor stove for heating in winter. In order to save costs, they can use the lower cost floor stove for heating. In summer, the chicken farmers should adopt a negative pressure longitudinal ventilation system. This can adjust the temperature of the body. In the particularly hot season, chicken farmers can also consider opening wet curtains and fan cooling systems in the chicken house.

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2. Humidity of chicken house

For controlling the humidity of the chicken house, generally speaking, the relative humidity in the chicken house should be controlled between 40% and 70%, because under high temperature conditions, it will be difficult for the chickens to dissipate heat and breathe. Wet utensils and smelly feces, these conditions are conducive to the growth of pathogenic fungi, bacteria and parasites. Low temperature increases heat dissipation in the chicken coop and intensifies the cooling effect, which not only affects egg production, but also easily induces various diseases. Low humidity conditions mainly weaken the defense ability of chicken skin and exposed mucous membranes against microorganisms. In addition, low humidity can easily cause dust and feather dust in the chicken house to fly.

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3. Ventilation of the chicken house

The environment of the chicken house directly affects the normal growth, egg production and survival rate of chickens. For example, the temperature, light, dry humidity, oxygen concentration, harmful gas concentration and dust in the chicken house will have a great impact on the chicken. Therefore, chicken farmers should attach great importance to the environmental conditions of the chicken coop, conduct reasonable maintenance of the chicken coop, and provide a good living environment for the chicken. Ventilation is the simplest and most effective maintenance method. For example, ventilating the chicken house can reduce the temperature of the chicken house, neutralize the dry humidity, and increase the oxygen concentration. These will have a great impact on the health and growth of the chicken, and make the egg production rate of the chicken year. The survival rate has been greatly improved. In general, proper ventilation of the chicken house is to provide a good living environment for the chickens.

Take China as an example. At present, chicken farmers in China mainly have two ventilation methods: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is the most widely used, but natural ventilation is greatly affected by the outside world. For example, rainy weather will greatly reduce the ventilation effect of the chicken house. , Make the environment of the chicken house worse. However, mechanical ventilation will reasonably compensate for natural ventilation and improve the effects that natural ventilation cannot achieve. Therefore, China should pay attention to the reasonable combination of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation in the future development, so that both effects can be achieved. To achieve the best, the environment of the chicken coop will be effectively and effectively improved, and finally the survival rate of chickens will be improved, the economic income of chicken farmers will be increased, and the chicken industry will be greatly developed.

With the continuous development of the economy, people's demand for poultry meat products continues to increase, but how to reduce the incidence of chickens, increase chicken production, increase egg production, and adapt chicken meat and egg production my country's economic development level and people's needs. In addition, chicken farmers must be scientific, economic, and time-sensitive when administering drugs to chickens, and attach great importance to the environmental conditions of the chicken coop. Only in this way can timely and effective treatment of various poultry diseases be carried out, thereby increasing the survival rate of chickens. The quality of chicken and the quality of eggs are safe, and increase the economic income of chicken farmers.

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